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Discover TeamViewer 13

TeamViewer™ 13 is packed with 20+ enhancements, including the ability for iOS device users to share iPhone or iPad screens with you in real time so you can provide seamless support—anytime, anywhere.

Get started with TeamViewer 13 today, and solve today’s challenges with tomorrow’s solutions. Watch this overview video to learn more. Ready to buy? Choose the license option that fits your needs.


100% FREE for personal users!

If you’re a student or are using TeamViewer to help friends and family, it's completely free FOREVER. You’ll never be charged.
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New to TeamViewer?

Check out these quick start steps to get the most out of the world’s only all-in-one remote connectivity platform.

Provide or Receive Remote Support Instantly

  • To provide support: Install TeamViewer full version on your computer, then enter the client’s TeamViewer ID and password to connect to their device.
  • To receive support: Download and install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your computer, then share your TeamViewer ID and temporary password with the support person.

Get started in less than 3 minutes

Remotely Work on Computers & Servers from Anywhere

  1. Install TeamViewer software on the computer you need to access and set up unattended access from the Connection menu.
  2. Set a computer name and access password for the remote computer.
  3. Install TeamViewer on the accessing computer and add the remote computer to your Computers & Contacts list.
  4. Select the remote computer from your list, click ‘Remote control using password,’ and enter your password to connect.

Install & configure in less than 5 minutes

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