25 oct. 2021

TeamViewer provides connectivity solution for Gruppo Cimbali’s new global remote service program for professional coffee machines

GOPPINGEN / Germany, October 25th, 2021 – Gruppo Cimbali, a global leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines, is using TeamViewer to launch a new worldwide remote service program for its corporate customers. Thanks to TeamViewer’s secure connectivity solution, technicians from Gruppo Cimbali or one of its distributors can remotely access the clients’ machines to quickly solve problems, and thereby reduce machine downtime and minimize revenue loss for the customer.

By embedding TeamViewer’s solution into the machines, technicians have a reliable and secure remote access to the coffee machine’s file system and screen, almost similar as to being on-site, and can conduct a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s issue. Gruppo Cimbali’s new service is primarily focusing on technical support tickets related to both software issues and manual errors. First projections revealed that the remote customer service can reduce travel costs for technicians by up to 50 percent and, at the same time, increase the efficiency of the technicians’ work by up to 20 percent. The new service is available for machines of Gruppo Cimbali’s brands LaCimbali and Faema.

In addition to the customer support use case, the solution also helps on-site technicians worldwide to receive remote support from one of their colleagues. For Gruppo Cimbali, this is particularly important from a knowledge transfer perspective, as training-on-the-job for junior technicians can be improved.

Edgardo Ferrero, Services Director at Gruppo Cimbali: “Our clients include international coffee shops that rely on a 24/7 availability of their professional espresso and cappuccino machines. By introducing our new ‘Global Remote Service Program’, we can significantly lower downtime of the machines, support them quickly, and therefore increase our customers’ return on investment. At the same time, our technicians save time and can solve more tickets in order to create added value for our customers.”

Lukas Baur, Executive Vice President Solution Sales at TeamViewer: “It is great to see how our solutions enable new digital services in all kinds of industries. Gruppo Cimbali’s use case is an example of how a company leverages the interplay between connectivity and the Internet of Things to create a new global service for their customers. It shows how digitalization makes a company’s value chain smarter and more cost effective.”

The Italy-based Gruppo Cimbali has created a distribution network covering over 100 countries and involving 700 distributors, a market sector that accounts for more than 80 percent of their products. Although the group today has a global framework, it remains Italian at heart, with a strong presence in the country. All machines are produced in Italy. Gruppo Cimbali’s commercial customers include global system gastronomy corporations as well as local and regional companies from all over the world.