Ricoh, the digital service company, is dedicated to training customer engineers responsible for product maintenance. To provide high-quality service to customers, such as those in the printing industry, engineers require a broad range of knowledge from product basics to troubleshooting. For production printers, we have switched to online training to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

This switch has significantly reduced travel costs and eliminated the need for participants to spend time traveling, while also increasing the training rate. Optimize your training process with Ricoh's online training for efficient and cost-effective learning.


  • Training on the use of production printers was costing the company a large amount of money in transportation and other expenses
  • It was difficult to prepare the equipment and PC environment for each location, and training in Tokyo or Osaka was essential to get hands-on experience with the actual environment
  • At the same time, the company was considering incorporating a remote function to provide continuous support for the product


Familiarizing Ricoh staff with the operation of production printers is essential for supporting their use in business. However, placing the printers at each site and keeping a PC with an OS that matches their use is difficult.

In the past, staff used to gather from all over Japan for training in Tokyo or Osaka. But, with TeamViewer's remote access to the PCs in the training rooms, travel expenses have been eliminated, and the time required for travel has been reduced. Optimize your training process and reduce the burden on staff with our remote training solutions.

We are also considering incorporating TeamViewer's augmented reality (AR) function into the main body of the equipment, allowing for remote support in terms of hardware. Coupled with TeamViewer's remote connection function, this will enable us to monitor equipment status and provide various types of support without bothering customers, resulting in increased peace of mind for them. Take your equipment support to the next level with Ricoh's advanced remote support solutions.

Yuko Yakushiji at RICOH Japan

“TeamViewer’s remote solutions have been a game-changer for us. We've increased attendance while cutting down on travel costs.”