A key part of managing your Embedded network is being able to respond as soon as possible to events or anomalies requiring action. In this section, learn how to set up flexible notifications to easily manage your messages and alerts.

Notification are sent by channels (email or webhook). Those channels are bundled into topics. For example:

  • the Topic Staff which comprises channels sending emails only to staff members
  • the Topic Service which comprises channels sending emails just to service workers

To get a notification when a defined condition is met you need to create a rule. For example:

  • Create a Rule with the Condition Device is offline and associate it with the Topic Staff. Staff members receive an email to turn on the edge device.
  • Create a Rule with the Condition Temperature > 100 °C and associate it with the Topic Service. A service worker receives an email to check the health of the edge device.

To use rules and notifications make sure Real Time Rule Engine is enabled.


Rules are limited to the following thresholds:

  • Metric Threshold type is generated based on the threshold applied on metric(s) when the specified condition is violated.
  • Device Offline type is generated based on the abnormal state of the device(s) or metric(s) (in future), for example when no data is received from a device or metric for a period more than two minutes.



Each time when threshold triggers, a unique Alarm with specified severity is created. 

Alarm severity defines how important the alarm is. We support the following alarm severity levels: WarningMinorMajor and Critical.

The maximum number of thresholds to be applied per Rule is four, equal to the number of severity levels.

All the open alarms are reflected in the Alarms list (Management Console > Alarms) and can be filtered by severity levels, type, creation time and so on. Thus, users can see metric or device specific alarms correspondingly in Devices and Metrics pages.


Notification topic is a communication bridge that receives notification messages triggered by Rules and sends them to Channels which are subscribed to the Topic.