2019. aug. 20.

TeamViewer Pilot: Remote Support via Augmented Reality for Everyone

Goppingen, August 20, 2019 – TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, offers with TeamViewer Pilot a fast, uncomplicated solution for remote support – based on Augmented Reality (AR). Thanks to the TeamViewer Pilot app, users can support family and friends remotely and even make use of remote support powered by AR within the corporate environment. The areas of implementation are diverse and multi-faceted, with scenarios ranging from troubleshooting PC problems, assistance with automotive issues or household repairs to maintenance assignments for manufacturing facilities in remote or international locations.

And this is how it works: Users simply download the TeamViewer Pilot app either from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and after authenticating and access is granted, they can simply connect to the remote device. No account setup is required. A video and voice connection will be established and the image of the targeted object from the smartphone camera will be transmitted to an expert’s computer via real-time video streaming. When a remote session is kicked off, the images captured by the smartphone are the same image that the helper sees on his device, no matter where either is located. To communicate instructions or assistance more easily and precisely, both session participants can mark areas on the screen with arrows or freehand drawings or freeze the image, for example to highlight a specific detail. This helps to alleviate any misunderstanding and speeds up problem resolution.

With the latest version of TeamViewer Pilot, subject matter experts can insert text annotations to now incorporate written information, in addition to the “marking” features previously available. This is especially useful for example, when speech becomes difficult to understand due to a noisy environment. Users can easily get to know how to use TeamViewer Pilot text annotations, and all other features, by watching in-app tutorials.

The revolution for remote support
Companies also benefit from AR-enabled remote support. For example, if an onsite technician has problems finding the source of an error or hardware defect on a manufacturing production machine, a remote expert can see what the technician sees and support the problem-search via AR, just by marking specific areas and communicating via text in spite of the noise from machines running in the background. This also means that sales representatives can count on the support of experienced colleagues from headquarters and companies can deploy their personnel with specialized knowledge more efficiently.

This will create new areas of usage in business-to-customer support and customer service. Take the case of problems arising during the installation of a new router – a telecommunications technician does not have to drive to the customer’s house as a first step. Instead, thanks to the TeamViewer Pilot App downloaded on the customer’s smartphone, the technician can simply evaluate the problem remotely and provide assistance.

Further information for TeamViewer Pilot can be found here.