The story in a nutshell

  • US-based Health Point Neurodiagnostics provides high quality Video Ambulatory EEG data (VAEEG) with its mobile equipment across multiple states
  • Electroencephalogram (EEG) equipment helps physicians monitor brain activity at home, cutting costs and boosting flexibility for patients
  • TeamViewer Remote allows HPN’s technicians to remotely monitor data streams and instantly fix any problems – without the need to send team members over
  • HPN increased the number of patients serviced from 100 to over 200 per month
  • TeamViewer has become its long-term EEG gold standard HIPAA compliant solution


Patients with neurological disorders rely on in-home tests to monitor brain activity – from sleep disorders to epilepsy. Health Point Neurodiagnostics (HPN), a US-based provider of mobile diagnostic equipment, uses TeamViewer Remote to monitor its devices, cut costs, and double the number of patients served.


Ambulatory Electroencephalogram (EEG) equipment was a game changer in diagnostics just a few decades ago, as testing for possible causes of neurological symptoms could happen from the comfort of a patient’s home. Today, HPN faces entirely new challenges with their Video Ambulatory Electroencephalogram (VAEEG) which captures embedded operating systems, Bluetooth connectivity, advanced sensors, 100+ hours of video recordings of brainwave activity and detailed logs that help physicians diagnose and treat their patients.

With more complexity comes more issues: to get reliable data, patients need to carry a Bluetooth-enabled amplifier which records and transmits data. While this gives patients more freedom there are some complications that could render patient data and tests unusable: loss of connectivity, battery failures, videos cameras not recording, or memory cards getting corrupted and unable to store data. Previously, whenever such issues happened, HPN had to send over its team members to diagnose and fix problems.


Health Point Neurodiagnostics turned to TeamViewer to remotely monitor its VAEEG devices. As a fully HIPAA compliant solution provider, technicians use TeamViewer to monitor EGG records and video quality every two hours. Many issues are immediately fixed by HPN’s experts – from any location and round the clock. Any physical problems can also be easily identified and the local staff, such as physicians visiting their patients at home, can take appropriate action.

“We’re being shared from state to state because of the high quality of service and data we capture, and TeamViewer helps us provide that top level quality of service,” says Kris Raymer, CTO at Health Point Neurodiagnostics.

Kris Raymer CTO at Health Point Neurodiagnostics

“Without TeamViewer, we would be back to the analog age of doing things instead of the remote digital age, and we would not be able to reach and test as many people with the high quality of results we are known for.”


  • Remote monitoring of data streams and solving issues with patient-device connections
  • Remotely accessing, troubleshooting, and remediating issues with recording devices, such as an outdated OS, drivers, video files, memory cards, faulty batteries, and impedance electrode connectivity
  • Auditing proof. Being HIPAA compliant, Health Point Neurodiagnostics has easily passed every audit conducted using TeamViewer
  • Future proof. TeamViewer allowed HPN to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring the company can comply with any new requirements or mandates through improved accuracy and efficiency of its diagnostic tests


TeamViewer’s solution has helped Health Point Neurodiagnostics reduce failed tests and become a trusted testing source for numerous physicians, which led to increased recommendations.

HPN has doubled the number of patients that can be served at any given time, improving health outcomes from around 100 to 200 patients per month, which allowed it to expand its operations and grow its business. HPN is now looking to further expand beyond the US and TeamViewer can support it in offering its services in more countries to provide quality data and monitoring to patients and doctors worldwide.

Kris Raymer CTO at Health Point Neurodiagnostics

“TeamViewer Remote has become a necessity in mobile neurodiagnostics, and we couldn’t do what we do today without TeamViewer.”