This article applies to all TeamViewer Community users.

Welcome folks!

The TeamViewer Community is a large and constantly growing knowledge base and we are happy to welcome you here.

This Community is meant as a place to receive reliable support from other TeamViewer users and get answers to your questions.

People helping people is the dedication of every activity within this community and forum. Don´t miss to check out our Knowledge Base that is filled with articles and answers by our Community users and TeamViewer staff members.

📌 Please keep in mind that the TeamViewer Community is a user-driven community. Answers may not be as quick as you want them to be and not all answers from users may be correct. We can't guarantee you a staff reply, but we will always work hard to make sure that we correct incomplete or inaccurate answers. 

📢 If you need immediate support, we recommend you to contact our support team directly via telephone or by submitting a ticket.

📢 Please keep in mind that we can only provide telephone and email support to licensed customers. 

Get your answers

Speed up the response time in the community and improve the quality of answers to your questions with the help of the following best practice steps:

Use the search box

If you have a question to pose to the community, the first place to try is the search box, located at the top of each page in the Community, to find an answer to your question or a similar one. Maybe somebody else had the same question already and you can immediately benefit from an existing reply!

Use keywords for best results and look out for Accepted Answer

📌Note: Posts that do not yet have an accepted answer might also help you further.

Post efficient questions

Was searching for an answer to your problem unsuccessful? Just ask the community by posting your question in a new thread. Simply click on Ask a question in the header menu

  • Next step: Write down your question or comment. Please make sure to write in English and stick to the relevant facts. Please also note: If you are asking for help or guidance, give the other community members as much detail as possible to work with but keep your post as short as possible at the same time.
  • “I cannot connect", "I have a problem with TeamViewer - please assist" are not very helpful. It is better to post a detailed description that includes information like:
My OS: xyz
Remote OS: xyz
My TeamViewer version: xx.y.zzzz
Remote TeamViewer version: xx.y.zzzz
Error message: xyz
Other observations: zyx
  • This gives everyone a better base for their answers and saves time for clarifying your question.
  • 📌 Note  Posts that have not been posted in English may be edited or removed by a moderator. 
  • Feel free to attach screenshots with helpful information. The more information you can add to your question, the more likely it is that you will get a reply from another TeamViewer user who knows a solution and a way to assist you. 
  • 📌 Note  Always keep in mind to not post any personal information like TeamViewer IDs, IP addresses, email addresses, or any other personal information. Also, refrain from posting logfiles or snippets from your logfiles. Those information needs to be removed.  


After posting, other users will help you find the best answers to your problem. With a few simple rules of communication, all participants will get the best out of it:

  • If you don’t agree with an answer or post of another member, stay courteous and polite.
  • If you agree with the answer of another member and the suggested solution worked, show your gratitude by marking an answer as Accepted answer and give a like (=thumbs up).
  • Be patient. Not all answers from other users will be the exact solution to your problem, but together the TeamViewer users can find the solutions! Help us to make this community a positive and productive place to be!
  • Stay focused on the topic of the thread. Please do not go off-topic.
  • We have user guidelines that we expect all community members to follow. Please review them before posting.

Show your appreciation

If you come across answers and posts that helped solve your questions or concerns, show your appreciation by giving a Like! Likes are just positive, and it feels good to get a Like! The more Likes a post has, the more people will find the answer and may also be able to solve their own questions and issues.

It is also possible for posts and answers that are highly appreciated to be shared within our Knowledge Base, as trustful, worthy information accessible to everyone!