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Ensure that your business data is secure with TeamViewer™. If you are using remote access software to aid in technical support, you want to make sure that the control of company devices is in the right hands.

Manage security with special permissions and licenses. Set policies to assign specific access to designated teams or individuals. Your Computers and Contact list can have policies assigned to them by enabling and restricting permissions and access.

You have complete control over who has access and who does not have access to specific devices. Whitelist users in order to grant special permission to access and blacklist users who should never access unique devices.

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User and Device Management

Add users and devices to your company (license) and assign rights. Share groups. Manage devices with policy-based settings, even when they are offline, or enable secure access controls to connect to devices without the need for a password. The latest TeamViewer update provides improved permission control that limits data editing privileges to a company administrator while providing the option to grant users the ability to change their passwords.

Enforced Session Recording

TeamViewer can help you meet strict compliance guidelines and security requirements by ensuring that complete, uninterrupted recordings are securely saved for every remote desktop connection. Now you can completely record every remote control session your technicians initiate, without the possibility for users to pause or stop the recording. All recordings are saved to the network or local drive location of your choice.

Settings Policies

Create settings policies, distribute them, and enforce them if necessary. Any changes to settings policies are automatically applied to the assigned devices.

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