Technician with smart glasses

Share instant virtual expertise with the help of augmented reality

Provide world-class support with TeamViewer Frontline xAssist

xAssist is an innovative remote support solution that enables your frontline employees to access instant expertise directly from their smart glasses.

See-what-I-see solution for instant knowledge transfer

Avoid costly operational downtime by enabling your employees to access expert help directly via their smart glasses and troubleshoot using AR features, thus keeping their hands free for the task at hand.

And it’s not just for troubleshooting within your company – use xAssist to offer your customers world-class support services from anywhere in the world.

Features tailored for industrial usage of AR

Leverage purposely built AR features such as:

  • Live pointer
  • On-screen annotations
  • Danger sign recognition
  • Whiteboard

…and many more!


  • Respond to problems faster

    • Instant knowledge transfer
    • Live remote support
  • Increase productivity

    • Shorter operational downtimes
    • High quality support
    • Satisfied customers and teams
  • Cut cost

    • Reduce travel costs 
    • Free up resources

Frontline named best field service solution

TeamViewer Frontline has been recognized for its superior capabilities supporting the field service sector with:

  • Accelerated processes
  • Reduced error rates
  • Improved quality

Discover how xAssist can reduce operational downtime and transform your remote support capabilities.


  • Troubleshoot accurately and fast

    Pair xAssist with your wearables of choice to connect your frontline workforce with technical experts from anywhere. With video and AR, the remote expert sees exactly what the on-site team member sees and can guide them to a fix with AR-powered features.

  • Save time and money

    By minimizing machine downtime and reducing costs associated with expert travel, xAssist gives you a quick return on investment while closing knowledge gaps in your team. And because it can be used to provide support and service for customers.

Hear from happy customers

Don’t take our word for it – hear from some of the enterprises who’ve transformed their incident response time with xAssist.