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Remote connectivity for education and learning

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  • Prevent unauthorized access

    With conditional access and managed devices, your institution can maintain robust authentication protocols and access controls. Sensitive educational resources are safeguarded from unauthorized users and security breaches.

  • Enroll & unenroll students with ease

    TeamViewer’s single sign-on (SSO) feature facilitates seamless onboarding and offboarding processes. New students can swiftly get access to educational materials whereas the rights of departing students can easily be removed.

  • Ensuring GDPR compliance

    Conditional, rule-based access ensures that student and sensitive institutional data is handled responsibly and legally compliant. The privacy rights of individuals are preserved and GDPR guidelines are adhered to.

  • Departments & budgets at a glance

    With TeamViewer, budget planning becomes effortless. Administrators can manage and allocate resources, access shared documents, and collaborate in real-time. The results are better coordination and cost-effectiveness across educational units.

Seamless connectivity is a must

Getting remote learning ‘right’ is not always easy

Try to avoid

  • getting lost in the technical details
  • spending too much time on access issues
  • one-way communication problems between teachers and students

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Provide instant and personalized technical support
  • Simple to use and roll out, while keeping IT costs down
  • Help teachers and training providers connect instantly with students
  • Optimize remote and in-person courses with high security for maximum engagement
  • Support for file sharing, screen recording, screen sharing, and more

With its flexibility, TeamViewer enables you to create, support, and deliver your institution’s ideal learning environment.

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Prevent unauthorized access

With hundreds of students, teachers, and support staff, how do IT support at schools and universities protect sensitve data and limit access to information only to those who are granted it?

By implementing conditional access and managed devices with TeamViewer, institutions can control their educational network by channeling communications through a private, dedicated router, enabling restricted access to TeamViewer at the firewall. This approach protects all devices with a singular firewall configuration and gives you more flexibility in managing user permissions. Provide access only to those who need it and prevent students from using platforms, providers, or applications that have not been approved by your team. 

Tackling concerns of high student turnover

TeamViewer’s single sign-on (SSO) feature, tackles the challenge of high turnover when new starters join institutions every academic year. To ensure students cannot access resources after they have left, it is important to automate user administration through SSO.

SSO limits TeamViewer access to users associated with your domain, eliminating the need to manually set up TeamViewer accounts for new users and ensuring former students and employees can no longer access TeamViewer after leaving your organization. 

Ensuring GDPR compliance

Academic institutions deal with a higher volume of sensitive data than most other industries. At TeamViewer, we know it is essential for data to be protected. Through conditional access, rule-based access can be applied to different groups of users and devices, with particular time intervals and approval levels. This guarantees the security of student information by scheduling access based on authorized personnel or lesson timetables, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Event logging also allows transparency of access across the network. With TeamViewer you have the ability to keep track of where users connect and monitor all the actions taken on both internal and external devices. A comprehensive trail is compiled for each user session, ensuring compliance with security processes and limitations.

Streamlining multiple departments with decentralized budgets

Does your institution have different departments managing different solutions or even different TeamViewer licenses?

It is essential to standardize TeamViewer as the remote tool across your entire institution. Without a standardized remote tool, it can become impossible to centrally regulate access and prevent unwanted connections to your devices, expanding the potential of your attack surface.

With TeamViewer as the central solution, security is regulated and individual departments can use different iterations of the tool, based on what suits them. These iterations can also be configured with the rules set centrally.

When multiple departments have their own licenses, TeamViewer Tensor’s feature of multitenancy and conditional access allows central visibility and management in one platform – even security can be ensured if only one department has a license.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

Whether global or local, your learning institutions exist to help students develop and grow. So we offer our software at a discounted price for educational establishments and non-profit organizations.

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

TeamViewer for the education sector: Exceptional learning experiences made easy

The world’s most trusted remote access and support platform, empowering teachers, students and support staff to excel in their work.

TeamViewer Remote

Remote computer control

TeamViewer Remote lets you connect to, control and interact with any device in an instant, enhancing both teaching processes and studying methods for schools, colleges, and training providers.

Share online presentations, videos, and other resources with students, access their documents to give feedback in real-time, and reach out to an entire class or individuals with pre-recorded training materials that take the student through step by step.

TeamViewer Remote can also enhance your ability to conduct in-person learning. Start a session through the web client on your tablet or mobile screen and open it up on a projector-lined PC to control the flow of your presentation from anywhere in the room.

The future of education has no frontiers. And TeamViewer’s enterprise remote connectivity platform helps to ensure glitch-free engagement for learners and maximum productivity for teachers.

TeamViewer Remote

On-demand school and university IT support

Is a student struggling with a technical aspect of your online learning portal or a course-related digital asset? With TeamViewer Remote, support staff can deliver a fast, effective fix without having to leave their desk.

Staff and IT support can use TeamViewer Remote to connect instantly with students’ devices, see problems for themselves, reconfigure the device or app remotely where possible, or refer the issue up the chain where required. The same capabilities can also be used to resolve issues for remotely-based teaching staff.

TeamViewer Remote

Remote access

There should be nothing ‘second best’ about digital learning. TeamViewer ushers in more flexibility than ever before in terms of how, when, and where learning takes place. Centrally-stored course materials, educational software and other key assets are just a few clicks away.

Teachers and other staff can stay productive wherever they are, by securely accessing their office computers and carrying out tasks such as file transfer, coursework assessments and lab monitoring from home. The same solution enables students to remotely access computers and resources at their school or university and work with them as if they were sitting in the library, lab, or classroom.

Particularly in the case of specialist technical applications, TeamViewer Remote can support wider use of remote study and teaching, while reducing the need to purchase additional software licenses.

Assist AR

AR assistance

Meet the next generation of remote assistance. Augmented reality provides you with exceptional levels of support, as if the teacher and student were tackling a problem together in the same place and at the same time.

Take your remote support and access to the next level

Enhance your TeamViewer experience, know more about your devices, and proactively keep your IT infrastructure healthy, stable, and secure. Boost your IT efficiency and centrally manage, monitor, track, patch, and protect your computers, devices, and software — all from a single platform with TeamViewer Remote Management.

Sachi Bandaranayake Software Fleet Manager at Edith Cowan University

“TeamViewer was the perfect fit for our needs as it integrates well with modern platforms like Microsoft Azure AD and Intune. We can authenticate and securely connect to university devices even when they were not on-premises, which was a major requirement for us.”

TeamViewer Frontline: Supercharge your technical training with augmented reality


Customer success

Why choose TeamViewer?


Education is one of the most tightly regulated sectors in the world, where data privacy and confidentiality is a must. Through industry-leading end-to-end encryption, TeamViewer Remote ensures data is kept safe at all times, enabling the safe transferral of sensitive information between devices, with effective measures in place to prevent third party interception. 


TeamViewer is 100% device-agnostic. This means students and teachers can connect from any device to any device or operating system, including any Android devices, regardless of manufacturer, as well as screen sharing for iPhones and iPads.


With TeamViewer, there is nothing ‘make do’ about remote or hybrid learning. Fast connection set-up, high transmission speeds, and superior picture quality ensure a seamless, immersive, and frustration-free learning and study experience. Not all students will have reliable access to high speed networks. Fortunately, our global access network ensures stable connections and the best possible transmission quality, even in environments with low internet bandwidth.