Apr 24, 2023

Security meets usability: The TeamViewer revolution

  • Connect and support people
  • In the past, to get strong security, you often had to put up with complexity. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore. TeamViewer secure remote access and support, for instance, provides strong security and protection without making things harder for users.

    Trading security for convenience? It’s a bad deal

    Some software applications force users to choose between security and convenience. This trade-off often arises because implementing stronger security measures can make an application more complex, less user-friendly, or less efficient.

    Requiring you to choose strong, unique passwords, for instance, can provide better security. The problem? They’re way more difficult to remember. Or even take encryption: this technology keeps data safe during transit and storage. But with some software products, it may impact performance, require more resources, and complicate data sharing and collaboration.

    Most of us also know how crucially important it is to keep devices updated with the latest versions of software and operating systems. But staying on top of all your updates can be a challenge, and having to reboot can be a pain.

    Secure by design: an integrated approach

    We feel strongly that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience to get security. That’s why TeamViewer was built according to the philosophy secure by design. It’s a simple concept: make security a core part of the software from the start. Instead of tacking on security features later, TeamViewer was built from the ground up to be completely secure. This way, you get a solution that’s both safer and easier to use.

    The choice of emergency responders

    Nowhere is security more critical than in public safety. The Oberursel Fire Department, for example, needs to keep its patchwork of legacy systems and devices constantly updated and ready for any emergency. But as a small organization, one person is responsible for keeping all devices and systems up-to-date and secure. TeamViewer saves that individual many hours each month while making sure there are no IT-related delays in firefighting operations.

    • Monitoring of all devices connected to the VPN
    • In case of problems, alert goes out to the IT manager
    • Centralized application and OS updates

    Now, with systems much easier to monitor and update, Oberursel can rely on its IT infrastructure to be ready when things get serious and lives are at stake.

    With TeamViewer, advanced security technology is integrated right into the solution.

    This provides highly granular access rights management, so businesses can control who can access certain resources under what conditions.

    This enterprise-grade level of protection makes sure your sensitive information can’t get in the wrong hands.

    Businesses can trust that their users’ login credentials are safe from potential breaches.

    This feature ensures that even if an unauthorized person gains access to a user’s login information, they still cannot access the account without further verification.

    Users can configure devices to be accessible via a TFA-protected account only, ensuring that their devices are safeguarded against unauthorized access. This feature promotes the secure use of remote access without compromising usability.

    These countermeasures include exponential time delays after failed login attempts and AI-based network monitoring. By slowing down the attackers and detecting suspicious activity, TeamViewer effectively defends against potential security breaches.

    TeamViewer integrates add-on features into a single, powerful interface

    For the new TeamViewer user experience, we’ve integrated much of the add-on packages we’ve in the past provided separately. That means you can get all the following features right from our central platform. By logging in just once.

    • Monitoring and alerts

    Keep an eye on any changes to your connected devices with an overview of all alerts as well as a history of alerts for all your endpoints.

    • Hardware

    See all the hardware of your activated devices.

    • Software

    Check for available system updates and see what software is installed on your devices.

    • Patches

    See a list of available patches for your devices.

    • Software deployment

    Deploy software to your devices right from inside TeamViewer and review the history of your deployments, too.

    • Endpoint protection

    Get protection against malware and zero-day threats with Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection and Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response fully integrated into TeamViewer.

    By integrating asset management and endpoint security inside the TeamViewer platform, we’ve reduced your total number of separate logins and thus your company’s attack surface. What’s more, keeping devices updated is one of the most essential security practices. With an easy way to detect when updates are available and deploy them efficiently, you’ll always be one step ahead of threats.

    •  The future of security, today

    As the leader in the remote access space, we’re fully committed to giving you the most secure solution available. You get continuous updates to stay ahead of any new security threats. With ongoing support and updates, you can trust your remote access and support solution is always protected.

    It’s time for a new view

    It’s time to change the way you think about security and usability. Say goodbye to the old myth that security and usability can’t coexist, and embrace the future of secure, user-friendly remote access and support with TeamViewer. Discover how TeamViewer can help your business strike the perfect balance between robust security measures and an enjoyable user experience today.