Customer Success Story

Oberursel Fire Brigade

With TeamViewer Remote Management, the Oberursel Fire Brigade keeps their complete IT ready for use 24/7

Valentin Reuter, Fire Officer State capital of Wiesbaden, Oberursel Fire Brigade

When a problem occurs, I receive a message from TeamViewer Remote Management and I can fix it immediately. This helps us avoid situations where a fault is only discovered and reported when it is actually too late.

In an emergency, seconds count – in fire-fighting as well as in rescue. The Oberursel fire brigade relies on TeamViewer Remote Management to ensure that the IT system functions perfectly in the event of an emergency.


The hardware and software must be up to date 24/7 in order to ensure smooth operations for the emergency services. In Oberursel, one person is currently in charge of IT.

  • Historically grown, inconsistent IT landscape
  • Manual monitoring and updating of IT was very time-consuming until now


TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management monitors the status of all devices connected to the VPN; if problems are detected, the IT manager is automatically informed by email. Software updates and updates for the operating system can be installed automatically from a central location.


The fire brigade command can be confident that all IT components are up to date.

  • There are no IT-related delays in firefighting operations
  • The IT manager saves several hours every month on software updates alone

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