Enterprise Integration

TeamViewer Integration Partner:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Help Customer Support Agents and Sales Representatives Do More with Embedded Remote Support
The ability to address customer issues as quickly and efficiently as possible makes customer support agents and sales representatives more effective and improves customer satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps break down data silos by unifying your CRM and ERP capabilities.

By integrating TeamViewer, you immediately enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CRM consoles with embedded remote control capabilities.

Works with TeamViewer Tensor
as part of the Enterprise Integrations Package

TeamViewer & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution Highlights
Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Resolve technical issues faster and boost productivity by remotely accessing and supporting any employee device across platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Remote Onboarding

Remote Onboarding

Reduce errors and service calls by guiding employees to configure and use corporate applications in real time, without compromising the security of corporate data.

On-Demand Customer Support

On-Demand Customer Support

Remotely support external customer devices to reduce issue resolution time and increase customer satisfaction.

Manage Multiple Support Requests

Manage Multiple Support Requests

The visibility of real-time notifications in any Microsoft Dynamics 365 screen provides an efficient way to manage multiple support requests at the same time, significantly increasing staff productivity.

TeamViewer & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Benefits

Improve efficiency by never leaving Dynamics 365
Empower customer support agents and sales representatives to remotely connect to their customers’ devices right from their Dynamics 365 environment without having to toggle to different applications.

Increase productivity by optimizing support workflows
The user flow is seamless and can be customized to support different company processes, such as creating tailored email templates for different groups and languages, graphical dashboards, and others.

Help sales teams convert prospects faster
TeamViewer allows sales teams to assist prospects in setting up trials, walking prospects through how best to use their product, and providing ad hoc demos.

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