TeamViewer Integration for NinjaRMM

With the TeamViewer integration for NinjaRMM technicians can use the native TeamViewer player or launch a screen-sharing session with a single click directly from the Ninja console.

Reasons to enable TeamViewer for NinjaRMM

TeamViewer Integration for NinjaRMM


Ninja RMM is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use Remote Monitoring and Management tools in the market. It provides you with a 360° view of your customers infrastructure (network, cloud and endpoints), so you can identify problems early on. Utilizing the TeamViewer integration then allows you to solve these problems in a matter of seconds instead of hours.


  • Automatically create TeamViewer users, groups and mirror device permissions transparently from the Ninja console
  • Synchronize users, contacts and customers between both accounts
  • Receive notifications for incoming TeamViewer connections and setting changes
  • Lock TeamViewer settings and pre-define the access control level as well as password based on customers or individual devices
  • and more …

Activate the TeamViewer Integration in NinjaRMM

The TeamViewer integration for NinjaRMM is natively integrated within the software. To enable it, please get in touch with NinjaMSP.

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