Secure and manage your mobile device ecosystem

Onboard, manage, and monitor mobile devices with our new Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration, powered by Ivanti.

Functionalities and features as seen in the TeamViewer Remote client

What is mobile device management?

Businesses are issuing more and more mobile devices to their employees to ensure agility, responsiveness, and productivity in their daily operations. However, this also increases the attack surface for companies and poses a significant risk if the devices are hacked, lost, or stolen.

TeamViewer MDM ensures that your IT department can manage and secure an ever-growing device fleet 24/7 in a single console. MDM enables the easy onboarding, roll-out, management, and troubleshooting of mobile devices for companies that have a remote workforce.

Cloud-based modern device management

TeamViewer Mobile Device Management

Effectively manage and secure all endpoints, protecting sensitive business data anywhere work happens.

TeamViewer and Ivanti have partnered to provide a single, unified platform for managing mobile devices across your entire IT ecosystem. It gives you easy remote configuration and management, security enhancements, app distribution and management, policy enforcement, and much more.

Use cases

  • Privacy and compliance

    Protect business data on any endpoint across your organization.

  • Diverse mobile device fleets

    Easily manage multi-device, multi-OS, multi-app scenarios from a single console.

  • Secure and flexible way of working

    Secure mobile devices used by your employees in healthcare, logistics, and manufacturing industries as they get more digitalized.

  • Onboarding and device lifecycle

    Provide a seamless and secure end-user experience during onboarding and all stages of device lifecycle.

360° device management

Onboard, manage, and secure your mobile devices — from iOS to Android, through TeamViewer MDM. All from one application:

  • Enroll new devices: Simply onboard, enroll, and provision your devices over-the-air, including all apps and security settings.
  • Inventory, reporting, and dashboards: Instantly get access to all your mobile phones’ data. 

Security plus compliance, minus the hassle

Protect against threats sweeping the mobile landscape: From device encryption, definition of passcode requirements to remote lock and wipe capabilities.

  • Ensure compliance and consistency: Enforce policies and standards consistently across all managed devices.
  • Device security: Remotely lock, wipe, and backup your devices in case they get stolen or damaged to stay compliant.
  • Granular control: Restrict your users to certain features or apps.
  • Tracking: Monitor the device location for full compliance. 

Easy deployment of apps and updates

Make sure your employees feel at home and ready to start from day one: Set-and-forget by setting up which apps, updates, and settings get distributed across your workforce and spare them the hassle of manual configurating or downloading apps.

  • Secure distribution: Ensure easy and secure distribution, update, and removal of mobile apps.
  • App configuration: Enable app-level settings and configurations as per company policies to improve security.

Getting started

TeamViewer offers a seamless integration of a fully-fledged MDM solution. You can start your trial or get your paid license right from within TeamViewer — set up your MDM and use it.

TeamViewer Remote UI screenshots showing how to get started with Mobile Device Management
Step 1

Get the license

Once you’ve started the trial or received your paid license, TeamViewer sets up the MDM environment for you.

Step 2

Initial setup

All you need for setting up MDM for the first time is to connect to your Apple ID or Android Enterprise, which connects you to the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore. Link your Active Directory to synchronize your users to enroll your users’ devices.


From then on you can set policies, manage apps, perform device actions, and manage certificates.

Step 3

Installation and enrollment

Once all configuration pieces are in place, you will be able to enroll all managed devices. From now on all management capabilities on the device are unlocked.

Choose your MDM add-on

TeamViewer Mobile Device Management scales with the needs of your business.

  • TeamViewer MDM Essential

    This add-on is ideal for businesses with a single office but a distributed workforce.

  • TeamViewer MDM Advanced

    This add-on offers more capabilities for businesses with multiple offices and a distributed workforce.

  • TeamViewer MDM Enterprise

    This add-on is ideal for large organizations with multiple offices, operating across time zones and a distributed workforce with growing number of mobile devices across the enterprise.

MDM Essential

MDM Advanced

MDM Enterprise

Device enrollment
Policy enforcement
Application management
Configuration management
Security controls
Zero touch deployment
Advanced security controls
Remote support
Compliance monitoring
Content management and collaboration
Enhanced security controls
Secure productivity
Secure connectivity
Integration and ecosystem support
Scalability and high availability
Conditional access

TeamViewer MDM Essential

TeamViewer MDM Advanced

TeamViewer MDM Enterprise

Industrial-grade security

Today, enterprises rely heavily on remote connectivity to manage a majority of their IT operations. In addition, the rise of the distributed workforce and the adoption of work-from-home policies have led to a significant dependence on remote access and control capabilities. As a result, security is much more important now.



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