Patch Management by TeamViewer

Automatic Software Vulnerability Detection and Patching with TeamViewer Remote Management

Patch Management is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product.

Patch Management is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product.

Comprehensive, intuitive, easy to use

Patch Management for Windows and macOS Devices

Outdated, vulnerable software can put any organization at risk of cyber attacks. Keep your IT systems up-to-date and safe by automatically evaluating, testing and applying OS and 3rd party application patches from a central location. Patch Management works for both SMBs and enterprises and can be managed completely remotely.

  • Operating System & 3rd Party Applications
  • Automated and policy-driven patching process
  • From one central location – no VPN necessary

Detect Vulnerabilities

Gain a higher degree of visibility into your network by automatically detecting vulnerabilities due to outdated software.

Deploy Patches

Policy-driven, automated patch deployment for operating systems and 3rd-party applications.

Integrated in TeamViewer

Effortlessly roll-out your new patch management solution to your entire network with just a few clicks.

Automatic Vulnerability Detection

It takes one unpatched device to put the entire IT at risk.

Keeping your IT systems up to date is crucial, and neglect can lead to significant vulnerabilities due to outdated software. Don’t leave cyber attackers open backdoors to your networks. Patch Management is important and doesn’t have to be complicated. TeamViewer’s intuitive solution allows you to proactively protect your IT systems and increase the safety and integrity of your networks.

Automated Patch Management

Patching IT systems regularly drastically increases the safety and integrity of networks.

Effortlessly deploy patches for Windows and Mac Operating Systems and 3rd party applications! Patch Management by TeamViewer offers you a convenient, easy-to-use, and yet comprehensive overview of your devices. See immediately, if there are updates available and deploy them from one central location, without having to establish a VPN connection. By defining individual policies for your various departments or customers, you can tailor the patching process to the respective needs, and of course automate it! Never miss an important patch again with TeamViewer Remote Management.


Comprehensive & Easy-to-use Patch Management for

Managed Service Providers

Effortlessly serve a multitude of customers by creating individual groups and individual policies for individual needs.

Small and Medium sized Businesses

Professional patch management without the complexity. Leave cyber attackers no room to breathe.


Track and patch large, geographically dispersed networks of devices without wasting time on extensive manual processes.

Patch Management by TeamViewer offers…

Operating System Updates

Keep your Windows and macOS devices up-to-date by managing and deploying OS updates from a central location.

3rd Party Applications

Don’t put your IT at risk by just focusing on OS updates. Monitor and deploy patches for 3rd party applications automatically.

Easy Roll-Out

Fully integrated into TeamViewer, all it takes is the click of a button to simply roll-out your new patch management solution remotely.

Intuitive Interface

See the updated statuses of your devices, and all available patches from one convenient dashboard.


Automate your patching process! Automatically detect and patch software and OS vulnerabilities.

Custom Policies

Define individual policies to accommodate the varying needs of your end-users, entire departments, or different customers.

And there is more!

Patch Management is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product. It therefore comes with the following solutions.

Proactive Device Monitoring

Drastically increase uptime, work productivity, and end-user happiness by monitoring crucial system aspects. Set individual monitoring policies and be notified as soon as your attention is required, to prevent problems from happening.

Detect and monitor network devices

Monitor the availability and fault of all network devices such as printers, routers & switches, and more by scanning for all connected devices. Reduce downtime and provide an interruption-free and stable work environment.

Get Visibility into Your Systems

Gain valuable insights into your IT infrastructure. Instantly know more about the devices you support by gathering important device information such as their internal and external IP addresses, the hardware in use, as well as installed software.

Interesting Documents

Download additional material on Patch Management.

Info Sheet

Download the Patch Management info sheet to get an overview of the most important Patch Management information on one page.

Software Catalog

Download the Patch Management software catalog and get an overview of all supported operating systems and 3rd party applications.

Learn more about Patch Management in our latest white paper, “Never Miss a Patch Again”

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