5 mars 2015

Using TeamViewer to monitor water filtration systems

  • Manage systems and machines
  • TeamViewer’s step-by-step instructions during the installation process and its intuitive interface make it an easy-to-use tool for a broad array of industries, including those well outside of the technology sector.

    Due to the accessibility that TeamViewer offers, MPW Industrial Water Services, a leading company in the industrial cleaning industry, found success in using TeamViewer to monitor its equipment located hundreds and even thousands of miles away.

    MPW Industrial Water Services, headquartered in Hebron, Ohio, provides mobile water filtration systems to customers across the United States and Canada. Its widely distributed customer base necessitates that equipment and processes be controlled automatically with minimal human operation.

    Finding a tool which is both reliable and easy-to-use

    Because equipment at client sites is often miles away, MPW Industrial Water requires a software solution that allows engineers and managers to remotely connect. This way, they can evaluate if the systems are working correctly and ensure that equipment is functioning properly.

    Many of MPW’s employees in the field have little to no computer expertise, so MPW needed a tool to monitor their water filtration systems that was not only effective and reliable but also simple to use. Before testing TeamViewer, MPW had already tried another well-known remote access solution.

    However, they found it to be less than user friendly for many employees. It did not offer the necessary reliability to successfully monitor their equipment either.

    Remote monitoring via TeamViewer

    The search for an effective solution continued. Joshua Nye, an applications engineer who had previous experience with TeamViewer, helped in the selection process that made TeamViewer the remote monitoring solution of choice for MPW.

    Nye was sure from the very beginning that TeamViewer was right for their needs. “In the blink of an eye, TeamViewer puts you in front of equipment that can be thousands of miles away. It’s simple to use and works flawlessly.”

    MPW finds it especially helpful that the TeamViewer ID is unique to each device and that there are no additional charges if a user logs in from a different IP address, both of which were lacking in the company’s experience with its previous solution.

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