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Setting up a remote connection between machines ensures you are always just a few clicks away from the resources and desktop access you need.

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The Role of Desktop Remote Connections and How They Work

IT technicians, customer support staff, and tech professionals the world over, use desktop remote connections to perform a vast array of different tasks seamlessly despite the user and machine being located long distances apart. Remote connections operate by using a host machine to virtually view and navigate a remote device: with this connection, you are able to access files and documents saved on the remote device and, in some instances, operate software installed on it.

The most effective way to establish a remote connection to another device is through the means of TeamViewer, an all-in-one, third party software. The remote access solution offers a free version for private uses such as assisting friends or family with computer issues, and a paid-for version for commercial use within a business. Both offer a wide range of comprehensive features such as end-to-end security, online meetings and collaboration tools, and cross-platform compatibility.

Creating a Remote Connection on Different Operating Systems

While establishing a remote desktop connection between two computers on the same operating system is usually done with an easy, single-step solution using a Windows remote desktop tool, this alone is limited to quick tasks or simply retrieving files from another desktop.

Indeed, the restrictions of this feature render it impractical for use as a primary remote connection tool.

Whether intended for professional or personal purposes, third party software like TeamViewer is an all-in-one solution for all your remote connection needs.

TeamViewer can be tried out free at home for helping family or friends with computer issues, and then considered on a larger scale for your business.

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Mac users are able to use screen sharing tools that are built solely for MacBooks and iMacs to set up remote connections, yet the limitation with this is that both devices must be on the same local network for the screen sharing to work.

While port forwarding can be set up to get around this, it requires considerable technical know-how to set up.

Moreover, things can become a little more complicated if you want to establish a remote desktop on a Mac with a device that is not a Mac: for this, using dedicated cross-compatible remote desktop connection software is advised.

TeamViewer’s remote desktop solutions offers a more powerful remote connection than pre-installed software or free alternatives, with full access and control capabilities backed up by watertight security, and operates across Windows, Mac and Linux equally, well so you never have to be concerned about compatibility problems.

Important Use Cases for Remote Desktop Connection

Helpdesk support

Support staff can attend to customer problems quickly and effectively with a TeamViewer remote connection, immediately assessing the problem and passing the ticket straight on to the right person.

Monitoring & management

IT admins no longer have to work onsite to monitor the status of hardware: logging on via a remote connection enables an entire company’s assets to be monitored and managed fast, efficiently, and securely.

Mobile work

Remote workers or those travelling for business can access key company resources 24/7 with complete network access. This provides them with the full network access they require.

Troubleshooting & repairs

Complex problems can be assessed from within the virtual desktop, with troubleshooting and even complete repair work able to be performed – no matter your location or your client’s location.

Online meetings

With TeamViewer, remote connections between devices allow meetings to become more interactive with collaborative tools such as a online whiteboard, VoIP video conferencing and session recording.

Data security

If you are worried about potential data loss in the event of theft, keep all sensitive information stored on a different device accessible only through a secure remote connection with TeamViewer.

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