This article applies to all TeamViewer Meeting users.

What is a TeamViewer Meeting ID?

The TeamViewer Meeting ID is a unique identifier of a specific TeamViewer Meeting.

Everybody who wants to join a TeamViewer Meeting requires the exact Meeting ID of the meeting in question.

TeamViewer Meeting has three different types of Meeting IDs: Personal Meeting IDsScheduled Meeting IDs and Device Meeting IDs.

Personal Meeting ID

Every TeamViewer account receives a Personal Meeting ID upon Sign-Up.

As soon as you log in with your TeamViewer account and start a spontaneous meeting, (regardless of the device) your personal Meeting ID will be used.

The Personal Meeting ID does not change.

You do not have to memorize your individual ID. By logging in with your TeamViewer account, it will automatically be prompted and used for all your spontaneous meetings. 

📌Note: In case you do not use a TeamViewer account or you are not logged in with your TeamViewer account, you will see a different Meeting ID for spontaneous meetings displayed. 

Scheduled Meeting ID

You can schedule a meeting (for one-time or recurrent use) within the Scheduler. 

The Meeting ID for a particular meeting will not change.

You can edit and delete your scheduled meetings at any time.

Device Meeting ID

Every device has its own TeamViewer Meeting ID.

This ID is unique for each device and it does not change. As soon as someone signs in with their TeamViewer account, TeamViewer will show the Personal Meeting ID of the user.

After logging out, the Device Meeting ID will be shown again within the TeamViewer software.