Siemens Gas and Power is a global pioneer in the energy sector that addresses the constantly developing requirements of industry and society together with its customers. With its products, solutions, and services, Siemens Gas and Power focuses on the production, processing, and transportation of oil and gas as well as power generation in thermal power plants and power transmission.


In the course of changing energy markets, customer requirements also change, including:

  • Shortening delivery times from the warehouse to the customer, enabled by seamless digital processes (i.e., a paperless warehouse)
  • Automated provisioning of information in digital form (e.g., photos of spare parts for import customs authorities)


The xPick solution from TeamViewer Frontline shows all context-relevant information of the picking order directly in the employee’s field of vision using smart glasses. Siemens used Vuzix M300 smart glasses along with the Hyco W26 scanner, a wireless ring scanner. The intuitive user interface graphically depicted the shelf structures, allowing employees to easily see where to pick each part from.


Automatic documentation

> 10% faster

Ergonomic work, hands-free operation of smart glasses