Deliver a joined-up business model

TeamViewer supports the technical evolution of the retail sector

TeamViewer’s connectivity solutions and AR-driven productivity tools are designed to ensure your strategy translates into reality. From new sales platforms, and rising customer expectations with ‘always on’ support, TeamViewer helps you create an outstanding customer experience and a future-proofed retail business.

TeamViewer assists retail businesses in embracing the digital transformation of the shopping landscape

We move goods faster and streamline retail operations

  • Safeguarding margins

    There is pressure on pricing strategies, margins and overall costs. TeamViewer’s solutions help you achieve more for less by facilitating cost-effective activities for remote work, employee onboarding and training, and IT support.

  • Remaining customer-first

    Keeping the customer satisfied and keeping ahead of the competition means you cannot afford to compromise when it comes to your own tech stack. Frontline allows replenishment and incoming & outgoing goods processes to be efficient and facilitates shorter downtimes for customer satisfaction.

  • Instantaneous IT support

    With TeamViewer, technicians can securely connect to malfunctioning retail systems, to encourage immediate solutions. POS system frozen? Our remote access and control solution gets to the source of the problem and provides effective support.

  • Supporting an omnichannel approach

    With the constant introduction of new digital channels, you will find your retail business with a growing list of platforms to manage. TeamViewer streamlines and organising device management, configuring all endpoints easily and seamlessly.

With its customizability, TeamViewer empowers retailers to enhance customer experiences and access within the retail industry.

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Overcoming the challenges for retail professionals

Retail-specific suitability is a must, and this means addressing the following common challenges:

Manage Retail infratructure with TeamViewer Remote

Managing new retail infrastructure

From social media to third-party selling arrangements, retailers find themselves with a growing list of platforms to manage. Physical outlets exist alongside these new digital channels, which means a complex mix of scattered branches and business departments, point-of-sale endpoints, visual display units, billing systems, servers and other infrastructure to manage and maintain. 

Remote access technology needs to streamline device management, making it possible to access, control, update and configure all endpoints, without the need for physical intervention.

Deliver rapid customer support with TeamViewer Remote

Delivering rapid customer support

Customer expectations have shifted. If they have a problem, customers increasingly expect an instant response, delivered through whichever device or channel they prefer to use. 

Your remote access technology should facilitate a seamless, omnichannel approach to customer service. This includes the ability of customer service reps and technical support staff to access customer devices on-demand, see problems for themselves, and deliver solutions.

Expand the reach with TeamViewer Remote

Expanding your reach

If you are limited to having to provide in-person support and aftersales care, it potentially limits your retail market to a narrow geographic area. 

Effective remote support means that geography is no longer a barrier to brand expansion. New markets, more profitable product lines, and new revenue streams suddenly become much more feasible.

Remote support to family and friends

Enabling remote work

For managers, sales and support staff, finance professionals and a host of other roles, remote or hybrid working models can provide a boost to employee morale and make it easier to recruit and retain staff. 

Care must be taken to ensure remote working isn’t ‘second best’ to traditional working models. Workers should be able to connect to and work with all key business assets when working from home as if they were still in the office.

Portrait Of Female Owner With Digital Tablet Standing Behind Sales Desk Of Florists Store

Reducing costs and protecting margins

Squeezed customers are now much more likely to switch retailers in search of the best value. The pressure on margins and pricing strategies is intense, and there is an expectation on the entire business to keep costs as low as possible. 

Your remote access technology has a valuable role to play in helping you achieve more with less. It can mean reducing your expensive property footprint by facilitating greater use of remote working, faster, more cost-efficient staff training, fewer expensive support call-outs - and more time to devote to revenue-generating activities.

Illustration showing cybersecurity concept, with man with crossed arms

Prioritising security

To trust you with their payment details, customers need constant reassurance that their data is in safe hands. Likewise, when employees are collaborating over distance, you need to be sure that sensitive commercial information does not fall into the wrong hands. 

When it comes to the remote access technologies you have in play, comprehensive access controls, data protection and cyber security safeguards are all essential.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

Enhanced convenience for retail professionals, improved operational efficiency, and effortless access for and to customers: these are just a few of the advantages offered by TeamViewer's solutions in the retail industry.

Award-winning software for both individuals and companies

TeamViewer Remote: Elevating connectivity, compliance and security for your retail business

Powerful enough to meet the exacting demands of retail, TeamViewer is a comprehensive remote desktop, control and support solution that works with almost every desktop and mobile platform. Coupled with our enterprise remote control and management solution, TeamViewer Tensor, you have a completely configurable way to securely link up all elements of your retail business.

Starting new business. Beautiful young woman holding digital tablet and looking at camera with smile while standing at the clothing store

TeamViewer Remote

Enhance efficiency and compliance across all points of sale

TeamViewer Tensor Support is a secure, scalable enterprise support solution, that enables you to manage the maintenance of POS systems, servers and devices across all your store branches, warehouses and wherever your people happen to be based. Helpdesk and technical teams can access any device - including unattended and headless devices - with a couple of clicks. Get to the heart of problems and fix them in an instant.

Expand the reach with TeamViewer Remote

TeamViewer Remote

Troubleshoot swiftly to avoid revenue losses

Order management system no longer showing the right figures? TeamViewer Remote’s intuitive ‘see what I see’ technology allows employees and customers alike to reach out to your experts on-demand. This remote access and control solution allows experts to troubleshoot in real-time, getting you back online with the absolute minimum of downtime.

Smiling young Asian woman standing behind a counter in her stylish boutique working on a laptop and talking on a cellphone

TeamViewer Remote

Keep remote workers in the loop

Thanks to TeamViewer, working from home no longer means being separated from what’s happening across your stores and channels. Full remote desktop and remote control capabilities allow you to access CRM, resource planning and other key applications, store-level endpoints, PCs, servers and all other assets from any location.

Inventory Manager Using Smartphone to Scan a Barcode on Parcel, Preparing a Small Cardboard Box for Postage. Black Multiethnic Small Business Owner Working on Laptop in Warehouse.

TeamViewer Remote

Secure communication and collaboration

TeamViewer Remote is your one-stop solution for dynamic interactions between employees and branches, as well as for communication with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. With support for screen sharing, lag-free video transmission, chat and more - all supported by industry-leading encryption, your remote connectivity sessions are in the safest possible hands.

Boost key performance metrics with TeamViewer Remote

TeamViewer Remote

Boost key performance metrics

TeamViewer Remote’s instant access and support functionality is geared toward solving your customers’ most pressing issues right at the point of need. As such, it helps boost performance across a number of KPIs, including first contact resolution rate, average ticket handling time, customer effort score (CES) and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

TeamViewer Frontline for Retail: Delivering faster employee training and a world-class customer experience

Your digital transformation ambitions will only be met if you can bring your employees on board. This is where TeamViewer Frontline comes in: our award-winning productivity platform that uses the latest wearable computing technology in streamlining training, boosting productivity and ensuring customer needs are met.

TeamViewer Remote helps cost efficient training for employees

TeamViewer Frontline

To increase speed and accuracy across your warehousing facilities

  • Allows employees to visualise logistics processes on wearable devices - hands-free. 
  • Ideal for warehousing, replenishment, incoming & outgoing goods, and similar processes across your supply chain. 
  • Two-way communication offers instant help as needed. 
  • Ideal for staff onboarding and familiarisation with new processes.
Female small business owner using mobile app on smartphone checking parcel box. Warehouse worker, seller holding phone scanning retail dropshipping package postal parcel bar code on cell technology.

TeamViewer Frontline

Encouraging an easier infrastructure maintenance at lower cost

  • Frontline employees can access instant expertise directly from their smart glasses
  • Ideal for maintenance of specialist point-of-sale, visual display, warehousing and other elements of retail technical infrastructure. 
  • Live pointers, on-screen annotations, whiteboards and more provide dynamic instructions for faster resolution of problems. 
  • Enables you to centralise technical support functions and still deliver speedy maintenance. 
  • Facilitates shorter downtimes, reduced revenue leakage and higher customer satisfaction.


Customer success

Why choose TeamViewer?


In a competitive retail environment, customer trust is one of your most valuable assets. Top tier 256-bit AES encryption for remote access sessions and transmission of data, trusted device checks, two-factor authentication and configurable conditional access controls: these best-in-class security features ensure that with TeamViewer, your reputation is in the safest possible hands. 


TeamViewer is designed to enhance and improve your go-to-market strategies and whatever CRM, stock management, resource planning you have in play. It is also device-agnostic, allowing it to work seamlessly with most POS systems and other hardware.


Lag-prone remote support sessions will erode customer satisfaction and lead to lost revenue. With TeamViewer, reliable performance - even in areas with low bandwidth - high image quality and rapid transfer speeds all enable you to deliver the type of seamless service that customers increasingly expect.