The story at a glance

  • The Italy-based international premium fashion brand aims to provide a global unified brand experience for its customers
  • Drastically reduced global travels, saving time, money and CO2 emissions for the whole company
  • With TeamViewer’s Augmented Reality solutions, Liu Jo optimizes in-person support to 70 global stores by the central brand team based in the headquarters
  • Quick and smooth adoption of the new technology without any IT knowledge due to the user-friendly interface
  • The advanced interaction between experts and on-site store staff made the set-up of store windows quicker and more efficient, ensuring full compliance with brand policies


The business model of the leading “Made in Italy” fashion brand is focused on digital innovation for improved management of its in-store channel. Liu Jo chose TeamViewer Frontline xAssist for its store setup and ensuring a unified global brand experience, leveraging the power of augmented reality.


Liu Jo operates in an increasingly competitive international environment. For the company it is therefore fundamental to maintain an “always-on” communication with its customers, which enables it to constantly build loyal relationships, but also to create the most complete collections, enriching them through the seasons with trending garments and accessories. Liu Jo aimed to:

  • Optimize in-person support to global stores by the Liu Jo brand team based in the headquarters
  • Reduce travel costs and minimize the company’s environmental footprint
  • Constantly monitor in-store activities that can be carried out in the stores, therefore overcoming the limitations of periodic in-person visits

Andrea Veroni Chief Information Officer at Liu Jo

“We chose TeamViewer instead of other solutions on the market due to its globally recognized brand, the reliability shown in proven use case, and the high level of innovation which enables us to keep expanding our use case beyond visual merchandising.”


To deliver on these objectives, Liu Jo found AR technologies as a solution for the brand experts in the headquarters to remotely support the store operators through audio, shared video stream, visual markers and shared documents.

The advanced interaction and real-time exchange of information between headquarters experts and the on-site store staff made the set-up of store windows quicker and more efficient, ensuring full compliance with brand policies. Over 70 stores were provided with smart glasses, enabling a productive synergy between them and the visual decision makers from the central brand team.

Liu Jo also analyzed the security standards granted by TeamViewer xAssist, especially for franchise channel management, where the company doesn’t have direct control over the retail infrastructure. In its stores, the company has improved the Wi-Fi routers in order to have the highest quality and stability of connections in the stores. Thanks to the highly user-friendly interface, the process was quickly and smoothly adopted by the store managers.


Thanks to the collaboration with TeamViewer, Liu Jo has developed an excellent alternative to on-site supervision. The company has garnered total appreciation from the store managers who use TeamViewer xAssist for set-up operations even during opening hours, optimizing time and resources.

This eliminated the need for the physical presence of visual merchandisers, drastically reducing travelling around the world and saving both money and CO2 emissions for the whole company.

The visual experts located in Liu Jo’s headquarter can remotely see and coordinate with store-managers through the TeamViewer xAssist app. By wearing smart glasses, store managers can easily set up the products in real time, while receiving instructions from the brand experts on how to proceed and while checking that every guideline is strictly executed.

The main features employed by Liu Jo include:

  • Real-time information sharing with audio and video settings
  • Screen and file sharing
  • Session recording
  • Live Chat
  • Free-hand drawing and text annotations

Andrea Veroni Chief Information Officer at Liu Jo

“We decided to implement TeamViewer xAssist because it can be easily managed without any technical competency. This was a game changing aspect, because it avoids the need for training.”

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