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Enhancing efficiencies of essential business strategies

Navigating the world of a small business can bring you unique challenges — from bridging geographical barriers to facilitating flexible work environments. Your ability to access local company resources such as servers, applications, files, and data storage is also vital.

Remote access and support with the TeamViewer Remote client

TeamViewer empowers small businesses with tailor-made solutions for success

Optimized operations in small businesses — for employees, new starters, and IT support

  • Boost productivity

    Do you have team members working remotely, in different offices, or always on the move? With TeamViewer Remote, they can tap into their office computers without being there. This means less time spent on travel and more time spent on essential tasks.

  • Robust functionality and scalability

    Remote support software keeps admins as well as end-users and new starters in mind. Any IT software platform should not only ensure rapid and secure connections, but also host a suite of functionalities such as screen sharing, file transfers, remote printing, and engaging with powered-off devices.

  • Ensuring uncompromised security

    Best-in-class encryption protocols, including AES 256 and TLS 1.2, combined with compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA and GDPR, promise data integrity. Moreover, these platforms prioritize user authentication, embedding features such as two-factor logins and multi-level permissions to prevent unauthorised access.

  • Efficient troubleshooting and reduced downtime

    TeamViewer equips you with the necessary tools for quick problem resolution, from system health displays and scripting capabilities to in-app communication and keyboard translation. Your team of IT personnel should feel as if they're directly handling the device, ensuring the swiftest resolutions for end users.

TeamViewer offers everything you need

  • Secure connections: With state-of-the-art encryption, ensure your business communications and data transfers remain confidential
  • Unified platform: Manage multiple devices and sessions through a single, intuitive interface
  • File transfer capabilities: Share files effortlessly, ensuring that team members have the resources they need when they need them
  • Session recording: For training or auditing purposes, TeamViewer Remote allows sessions to be recorded and reviewed
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Whether your team uses Windows, macOS, Android, or Linux, TeamViewer Remote has you covered

With its wide-ranging feature set, TeamViewer fuels small business potential and growth.

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TeamViewer Remote: Your IT software solution for seamless support, hybrid events, and collaboration

Proactive IT support

Efficient and effective IT support should be a priority for any small business. TeamViewer Remote allows your small business to address small tech issues before they escalate. Its integrated device monitoring, asset, and patch management features empower IT teams to stay ahead of potential challenges and tackle real-time problems, ensuring minimal disruption.

Supporting diverse device compatibility

From mobile devices to point-of-sale (POS) systems, your small business can have a large tech stack to monitor. When physical visits for IT troubleshooting are both costly and time-consuming, TeamViewer Remote is device-agnostic, ensuring that businesses can extend support remotely across their entire tech infrastructure.

Encouraging hybrid events

With the rise of hybrid events that combine in-person and virtual attendees, TeamViewer’s cross-platform support can ensure participants, irrespective of their device or operating system, can connect to any event. Event hosts can quickly share content, screens, and presentations with on-site and virtual attendees, in a simultaneous secure session.

Easy-to-use collaboration

TeamViewer Remote can be a catalyst for seamless teamwork and collaboration. Regardless of where team members are located, they can instantly access their workstations, files, and applications in just a few clicks. Share resources and transfer secure files effortlessly to allow business continuity across your operations whilst ensuring team interactions remain private and secure.

At TeamViewer, our mission is to help you help others.

Enhance collaboration across multiple locations, streamline work processes, and effortlessly improve client and customer service accessibility — these invaluable advantages can TeamViewer solutions bring for small businesses.

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