9. 1. 2024

A winning team: How Manchester United and TeamViewer are working together to achieve top performance

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  • A winning team: How Manchester United and TeamViewer are working together to achieve top performance

    From analyzing match data remotely to delivering unforgettable fan experiences around the world, Manchester United relies on remote technology to stay on top of its game. TeamViewer helps the club reach its full potential on and off the pitch by connecting the team, the staff, and their community of fans. Read on to find out what remote connectivity has to do with Manchester United and their operations.

    On the pitch

    Teamwork is key to performing at an elite level. With support from TeamViewer, Manchester United can keep the stadium and training ground pitches in top condition, provide up to the minute training analysis for players whether they’re at home or away, and connect fans around the world.

    Data-supported training, anywhere

    For Manchester United, analyzing past performance and finding ways to improve is an important element to being at the top of its game. Reviewing videos and statistics from previous matches with each player has become an essential part of training, meaning the performance analysis team needs access to these training materials, even when traveling.

    Previously, the coaching team struggled with uploading large files such as raw videos and analytics data to the cloud or transferring them to external drives. A substantial amount of time was spent processing training files prior to each away match. Now with TeamViewer Tensor, the team has fast, reliable, and secure access to training materials at home and across the globe. The pain of file transfers is a thing of the past. TeamViewer also enables Manchester United to manage the content displayed on the video wall in the gym to set the tone for the next targeted training session.

    Keeping the Old Trafford pitch in peak condition all year round

    The property services staff at Old Trafford play a vital role in enabling the team to deliver top performance by keeping the stadium in peak condition — from maintaining the pitch to inspecting the stands and securing the entrances. To ensure the stadium is ready to safely host over 70,000 fans on game day, it’s crucial for the personnel to follow standard procedures and document every step. Manchester United has partnered with TeamViewer to trial maintenance and inspection processes using TeamViewer Frontline via augmented reality (AR) headsets. They’ve equipped the property services teams with smart glasses that help manage safety checks and flag maintenance requirements. In addition to that, TeamViewer’s remote access and control solution lets them run the irrigation system remotely to ensure each pitch’s changing needs are met, at the moment they are required.

    Watch how the Manchester United team enhances its performance with remote connectivity.

    Off the pitch

    Football is so much more than what happens on the pitch. People around the world are united in their shared passion for the game and love for the team. Remote connectivity lets Manchester United fans feel closer to the team, by enabling uninterrupted TV broadcast, personalized online support, and real-time updates on social media.

    24/7 Digital TV Broadcast

    Thanks to digital broadcasting, Manchester United can transport the excitement of each match from the stadium to passionate fans around the world. To ensure each fan can follow their beloved team from wherever they are, the Manchester United Digital TV channel must be maintained at all times. With TeamViewer’s remote access technology, Manchester United’s technical operations team can manage technical issues and prevent downtime, so fans worldwide have uninterrupted access to their favorite team 24/7.

    Online support that meets fans’ needs

    The fan experience starts long before the actual match. And Manchester United wants its fans to enjoy every moment of it, from purchasing their ticket to cheering in the stands. To do this, Manchester United provides fans with easily accessible and effective online support. When a fan needs help buying a ticket online, a Manchester United ticketing advisor guides them through the online ticketing process using TeamViewer’s remote access technology. The fan can choose to grant their advisor temporary control of their screen, or only share their screen; either way, they are in full control. Sensitive data, such as credit card information, is never visible to the advisor — ensuring fans’ privacy is always protected.

    Updating followers in real-time

    Social media lets fans follow every Manchester United match, from anywhere. To keep them in the loop, Manchester United provides them with photo and video content in almost real-time. TeamViewer’s remote access technology lets the club’s media team retrieve photos directly from the laptops of the photographers on the pitch, causing no disruption for the photographer. After pulling the photos onto their own devices, the team can quickly pass them on to an editor and post them to social media in under a minute.

    See how remote access enables Manchester United fans to follow their favorite team in real time.

    Remote connectivity lets Manchester United be better at what matters most to them: performing on the pitch and delivering an unforgettable experience to their fans. What matters most to your business? Whether it’s digitally optimizing manual tasks, ensuring processes and systems are running smoothly, or providing exceptional customer service, TeamViewer can help you Find Your Better.

    Find your better

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