Screen sharing SDK for iOS/Android

Integrate TeamViewer into your mobile apps

TeamViewer offers an SDK to integrate TeamViewer into your mobile app and remotely support it | Icon

Remotely support your mobile app

Use the SDK to provide live remote support for any of your iOS and Android apps. With real-time screen sharing, help is just a click away. Troubleshoot any app-specific problem or point your users in the right direction.Easy to integrate, easy to use!

Integrate the SDK into your own app now

What can I do with the SDK?

With real time screen sharing of any iOS and Android app, it is possible to assist app users and troubleshoot any of their problems. The support team can point users in the right direction or even directly take over control of the remote Android app. Additionally, clipboard synchronization makes it easy to exchange data like web addresses, configurations, and more.

Remote Support

Remotely support your app as if you were using it on your smartphone or tablet.

View and Show

See what your users see and point them in the right direction.

Synchronous Clipboard

Share text and exchange information via clipboard

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