TeamViewer Integration Partner: Jira Server

The world’s leading software development tool comes together with the global leader in remote access and collaboration to enable development teams to plan, track, and release great software faster. With the TeamViewer integration to JIRA, users can seamlessly collaborate with other stakeholders from within the JIRA ticket to solve issues or perform tasks faster.

  • See who is online in TeamViewer, and connect to them with a single click
  • Share your screen, chat, have a meeting, or remotely access devices to collaborate efficiently and solve issues faster
  • Create and share invites to sessions with one click if the other party is offline

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Effective Collaboration for Software Developers with Jira Integration

Creating the world’s leading software requires planning and collaboration that’s seamless. That’s why software developers turn to Jira for agile project management and why they use TeamViewer to make sure their lines of communication are kept open. Integrating Jira and TeamViewer allows teams to work more effectively, thereby focusing more on developing innovative software.

What is Jira?

Jira is an agile project management tool that allows each member of a software development team to plan, track and release their latest software projects. Jira can be customised to suit any type of software, workflow process, or team size. It allows teams to effectively track and prioritise any issues, create user stories, and plan smooth sprints. Jira’s databased reporting functions also help teams improve performance.

Advantages of TeamViewer and Jira integration

Today’s software developers shouldn’t need to be in the same room to create great software. What they do require, however, is for their communication to be seamless. That’s where TeamViewer, the leading solution for remote connectivity, comes in. While Jira makes it easy to track bugs and issues, TeamViewer helps you solve any kinks in your process together. With the TeamViewer plugin integrated directly into Jira, remote connections can be established seamlessly and without needing to switch applications.

TeamViewer functions in Jira

The TeamViewer Jira integration helps software developers collaborate more effectively, and reduce the chance of error and misunderstanding. Here are the main features included in the TeamViewer plugin for Jira.

  • Communication made easy: The TeamViewer plugin in Jira makes it easy to make video and voice calls, and send chat messages within Jira. You can also create persistent chat groups for ongoing discussions, and search in previous discussions as well.
  • Meetings: Have meetings with your developers, no matter where they’re located. Iron out any misunderstandings with ease.
  • Remote control: When developers run into problems, it’s essential that they’re resolved as quickly as possible. Use TeamViewer’s leading remote control feature to help another team member.
  • Connect: Not only do developers have a clear overview of who is online and available, they can also connect with a single click. If users are offline, it’s easy to invite them to join a remote control session.
  • Screen sharing: Show other team members your work by sharing your screen.
  • Support: TeamViewer’s support team will help you with any problems you have with the app itself.

What are the requirements for Jira integration with TeamViewer?

To get the most out of Jira by using TeamViewer you will need a TeamViewer subscription and the TeamViewer Plugin for Jira. TeamViewer offers flexible subscriptions to suit the needs of teams of any shape or size. As your team expands, you can expand your use of TeamViewer as well.

How do I install the TeamViewer plugin for Jira?

Installing the TeamViewer plugin for Jira is simple! Just follow these easy steps and your team will be collaborating effectively in no time:

  1. Log in to your Jira account as an admin.
  2. Click on the admin dropdown menu and select add-ons.
  3. Wait for the manage add-ons screen to load.
  4. Click “Find new apps” or “Find new add-ons” on the left-hand side of the screen.
  5. Search for the TeamViewer plugin for Jira.
  6. Select the version of the app compatible with your version of Jira.
  7. Click “Install” to download and install the TeamViewer plugin.
  8. You’re ready to go!

What else can the plugin do?

The TeamViewer plugin can be integrated with plenty of other apps. Plus, any apps your team is developing can integrate with TeamViewer too, adding the power of effective communication and bringing your app to the next level. The possibilities are endless!

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