Warehouse employee supported with AR Vision Picking

Transform logistics processes and warehousing with augmented reality

Optimize logistics processes with TeamViewer Frontline xPick

xPick is a patented and award-winning AR solution for vision picking. Your team can visualize inventory and data on their wearable device of choice for faster, hands-free work with fewer errors.

Digitalize manual logistics

Manual logistics processes are the critical link in any supply chain. But when humans are involved, the potential for errors will always be there. By digitalizing your processes, you can future-proof:

  • Manual order picking
  • Packing & sorting goods
  • Sequencing & kitting
  • Incoming & outgoing goods
  • Inventory control
  • Replenishment & put-away


  • Faster work

    • Hands-free work
    • Relevant information directly in-view
    • Quick ramp-up and scaling
  • Fewer errors

    • Instructions aided by graphics
    • Step-by-step guidance
    • Integrated confirmations
  • Greater flexibility

    • Fully mobile
    • User adaptable
    • Device-agnostic

Don’t choose between speed and accuracy. Pick both.

  • Higher efficiency
    Step-by-step, visual cues lead the operator through the most efficient process, every time.
  • Real-time verification
    Connected to the WMS, the associate receives alerts on changes or errors immediately.
  • Fully connected
    Two-way communication offers instant help as needed.
  • More ergonomic
    Voice control and connected devices like body-worn scanners let the operator work without looking down repeatedly.
  • Hands-free operation
    Handling bulky objects is easier and contributes to safer lifting.
  • Easier multitasking
    TeamViewer Frontline’s vision picking solution supports picking for multiple orders simultaneously.

Discover how xPick can transform your warehouse efficiency

Hear from happy customers

Don’t take our word for it – hear from some of the enterprises who’ve optimized their logistics with xPick.

Logistics Operations 4.0

xPick in the warehouse

Manual processes are at the core of warehouse operations, but they often rely on outdated and needlessly complex practices.

Enter the new era of logistics operations. Support your workforce with effective and ergonomic state-of-the-art technology.

Pick the right item from the right place at the right time by holistically digitalizing and modernizing your logistics operations.


Vision picking for logistics: Streamline picking processes and reduce error rates

Easy onboarding

xPick considers different languages and qualification levels, making it easy for any team member to adopt. And there’s no need for extensive training, so it’s ideal for rolling out across a wide range of working environments and scaling to other locations.

And with the option to combine with wearable scanners, manual logistics processes become more ergonomic. And safer, too.

Build intelligent supply chains, together

TeamViewer Frontline’s integration with SAP Extended Warehouse Management enables you to digitalize your value chain with data flows and process optimizations across the entire supply chain to deliver a more connected and skilled workforce.

Features of our vision picking solution

  • Visually displayed information, i.e. article image
  • Additional audio cues, from short audio elements to full audio guidance
  • Scanners and smart glasses combined using Bluetooth

  • Seamless data exchange between system and worker
  • Reduced complexity with only relevant information displayed
  • Pre-configured interfaces guaranteeing easy integration

  • One central hub to access picking reports, manage users, and assign tasks
  • KPI dashboard to keep an overview of your productivity  
  • The ability to analyze captured data to make better decisions and react faster

  • Natural interaction via voice command
  • Voice command used for seamless verification, i.e. quantity
  • Many languages covered out-of-the-box

  • Hands-free operations with industry-grade, body-worn tech
  • Device and OS-agnostic approach enabling the usage of mobile/portable devices
  • Hardware, service, and services from one single provider

Implementing our vision picking solution in your warehouse is easier than you think

Vision Picking FAQ: Your top questions answered

AR is a technology that overlays digital information onto the real world through mobile devices or, even more efficiently, through smart glasses. Logistics processes benefit tremendously from AR as it provides real-time information and instructions to warehouse workers and seamlessly integrates confirmation steps, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Vision picking can bring significant benefits to a wide range of businesses and industries. All industries that involve warehousing, order fulfillment, and logistics operations can benefit from vision picking in particular, including logistics services, manufacturing companies, and FMCG. Moreover, in logistics processes that include small to medium sized items, a lot of manual labor, fast moving and highly diverse items, vision picking achieves significant advantages.

The primary equipment are smart glasses, which are worn by operators to enable the vision picking process. In cases with high picking intensity, scanners can be added.  It is essential to choose industrial-grade hardware designed for full shift usage with features like hot swappable batteries, as this can further enhance operational efficiency.  Overall, the implementation of vision picking does not require infrastructure modifications within your warehouse but adapts to existing structures.

Do you have more questions about vision picking? See the full FAQ page to learn more.