Network Monitoring with TeamViewer Remote Management

Monitor printers, routers & switches, and other network devices with TeamViewer Monitoring.


Network Monitoring is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product.

Network Monitoring is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product.

Network Monitoring

Detect and monitor network devices

Monitor the availability and fault of all network devices such as printers, routers & switches, and more by scanning for all connected devices. Reduce undesired downtime and provide an interruption-free and stable work environment that sets your company and clients on a path of high productivity and success.

  • Detect devices in your local or remote network effortlessly
  • Monitor SNMP enabled network devices and receive alerts when your attention is required
  • Continuous detection – new devices will be detected automatically

Automatic Detection

Scan your network for all connected devices and receive a comprehensive device list.

Track Availability and Fault

Know when a device becomes unavailable, or requires your attention.

Increase Uptime and Productivity

Fix problems before they occur and ensure business continuity.

With network monitoring, you’ll take on challenges such as…

“Our printer is low on toner!”

How can you make sure your clients don’t grow anymore frustrated at their printers than they probably already are?

“How many devices are there?”

You are expected to manage and support all devices, but are you sure you got them all?

“Are we prepared for a power outage?”

Are your backup batteries healthy? Can they sustain a power outage?

Automatically Detect Network Devices

TeamViewer Monitoring scans your network for all devices.

Stop looking for your network devices and start finding them. TeamViewer Monitoring scans your network for all SNMP-enabled devices.

  • Routers & Switches
  • Network Printers
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Computers
  • and more!

High Availability and Productivity

Ensure a stable environment with low downtime.

Whether a printer is low on toner, or an NAS unit is reaching its maximum capacity – you’ll know it before it becomes a problem! With network monitoring, you will determine their availability, and become aware of any potential alerts they are broadcasting. Get notified in case of an alert and act upon it.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

You will receive an alert as soon as the available storage reaches a set threshold.

Network Printers

Receive a notification as soon as the paper or the toner needs to be refilled.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

As soon as the UPS reaches a set minimum battery level, an alert will be triggered.

Routers & Switches

Be notified as soon as a state of a port changes to open, broken, or disabled.

And there is more!

Network Monitoring is part of our TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management product. It therefore comes with the following solutions.

Proactive Device Monitoring

Drastically increase uptime, work productivity, and end-user happiness by monitoring crucial system aspects. Set individual monitoring policies and be notified as soon as your attention is required, to prevent problems from happening.

Patch Management

Automatically detect vulnerabilities due to outdated software and operating systems, and patch OS and 3rd party applications remotely.

Get Visibility into Your Systems

Gain valuable insights into your IT infrastructure. Instantly know more about the devices you support by gathering important device information such as their internal and external IP addresses, the hardware in use, as well as installed software.

Interesting Documents

Download additional material on Network Monitoring.

Info Sheet

Download the TeamViewer Network Monitoring info leaflet.

Technical Details

Download the TeamViewer Monitoring technical fact sheet.

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