Customer Success Story


TeamViewer helps EnviroFalk ensure its clients have pure water at all times

Maximilian Lehr, Project Manager for Digitalization at EnviroFalk

TeamViewer has given us great support right from the start, from implementation on site to choosing the right hardware and software, as well as training our service technicians


For more than 30 years, EnviroFalk has been one of the most in-demand specialists when it comes to designing these water treatment systems. Systems for process water, as well as for pure and ultrapure water, are designed specifically for each client, from the housing down to the piping layout, control cabinet and automation technology.


  • Complex problems required an expert to visit from head office
  • Customer production downtime & unproductive travel time for the experts
  • Skills shortage – highly trained service technicians are rare


Within a few weeks, EnviroFalk issued smart glasses to its entire team of service technicians, with Frontline installed on them, and trained the staff in how to use it. The software means that service technicians on site can now quickly get skilled support from experts back at head office.



Faster on-site support from technicians


Less production downtime for the customer


Totally hands-free troubleshooting

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