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Strengthening Security Foundations: The Role of Enhanced Access and Control

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Strengthening Security Foundations: Enhanced Access & Control

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They would need to connect to the device once to enable further means to automatically be able to unattended access the devices in the future, either via a personal password, windows authentication, or easy access. You can prevent this by managing the devices with a policy to restrict the device configuration.

Only the scoped users in the enterprise app will be allowed to login via the idp, all other users will be blocked as they not are allowed.

There are logs on the devices and in the management console, however that will only show when there is a successful connection. The block and allow list is your best control over WHO is authorized to connect to that device, the simplest configuration is for "members of this company profile" that will only mean that accounts in your licensed tenant would be authorized to connect to your devices. There is a large trust and safety team that is working to build various campaigns to target this type of behavior, however open configurations are still open and there is limited actions TeamViewer can enable in this realm.

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