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How to protect your business with TeamViewer Tensor

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It depends on the identity provider you use. TeamViewer has standard identity providers it offers native connections to, which makes the set-up process super easy. But in general, every identity provider based on SAML 2.0 and SCIM protocols can be used. For more detailed information visit our TeamViewer Community.

Yes, in terms of Okta — as well as Azure for example — we have an out-of-the-box solution in place. It’s just requires creating an API token and configurating your settings and you are all set.

Again, it depends on the identity provider you use. The configuration process takes from around 20 minutes to one hour. On top of that, we initially are doing a domain check to verify that the domain belongs to you. This verification process can in some cases take up to 24 hours (but mostly less).

No, SSO is a Tensor-only feature. TeamViewer Tensor is our enterprise connectivity platform. Next to Single Sign-on for standard identity providers it also includes other security features. Although TeamViewer Tensor is engineered for enterprises, it is exceptionally scalable and can therefore of course be used by any size of companies.

As TeamViewer Tensor is adaptable to your needs, pricing depends on your specific use case — so there is no list pricing. The TeamViewer Tensor platform offers a variety of options, Integrations and more. Please make sure to get in touch with our team of experts and fill out the form on the bottom of this page. We can together find the perfect solution for you and your company.

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Q&A from this webinar

Conditional Access is an option you can either select or deselect when purchasing a TeamViewer Tensor license. However, it is recommended to include Conditional Access in your customized package to get the most out of our security offerings.

You need to choose a TeamViewer Tensor license – in detail it would be a TeamViewer Tensor Pro license which you need to talk to one of our experts about. Get in contact here.

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Q&A from this webinar

If you have a Tensor license you are all set to use integrations. You can find an overview of available integrations here.

TeamViewer has official partners to make the process as smooth as possible, such as Splunk, but there is also the option to download any event log as a CSV file that can then be used. TeamViewer also has an open API to make integration into different systems even more accessible.

Auditability is included in a TeamViewer Tensor license by default – there is no need to purchase an additional add-on.

Yes, there is a full list – you can find it at the Knowledge Base of our TeamViewer Community.

Event logs aren’t available with a Corporate license, but if you connect from a TeamViewer Tensor license, the connection can always be logged – no matter where you connect to.

For TeamViewer Tensor managed devices, incoming connections are also logged. Event logging is available across all platforms, including mobile devices.

Events are checked in real time without delay. Data is retained on the system for one year by default. You can view a maximum of 30 days at a time, but you can search for data at any time within the one-year retention period.

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Remote connectivity is essential today, but it is also at risk. Increased cyberattacks and unauthorized access to business-critical infrastructure are challenging the safety of connected and distributed workforces.

With TeamViewer Tensor’s security features, we enable you to best protect your business and stay in full control of remote connectivity in a complex, digital-first era.

To understand how you can make your business more secure, speak to one of our experts about a tailored solution just for you. Simply fill out the linked form, and one of our experts will be in touch.

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