Enhancing visual inspections using augmented reality

Enhancing visual inspections using augmented reality. As technology advances, businesses are increasingly adopting digital tools and solutions. One of those solutions, augmented reality (AR), is playing a significant role in improving the quality and efficiency of on-site and remote inspections and support processes.

Illustration showing remote visual inspection in field service

From quality control to technical support, industrial augmented reality solutions are finding applications in a multitude of visual inspection scenarios. Why? Because it is cost-effective, delivers an outstanding level of accuracy, is simple to use, and can be deployed remotely.

Read on to find out more about the advantages of industrial AR in visual inspection and how your company can benefit.

Improve quality control with more accurate visual inspections

Inspection is a crucial aspect of quality control in manufacturing. It helps you ensure that your products meet the specifications and standards agreed upon with your clients. Quality control inspections also avoid defects, errors, and waste that can affect the quality, performance, and safety of the products and consequently the satisfaction of your customers. Unfortunately, manual quality checks often based on analogue methods slow down production and run an elevated risk of human error. So, how can you streamline visual inspections for quality control?

Industrial augmented reality (AR) solutions automatically ensure each stage of production is completed to the required standards. Cameras and integrated sensors monitor and verify tasks with real-time feedback and instant troubleshooting — without interrupting the natural flow of manufacturing. And with centralized reporting and documentation, your quality control inspectors can conduct visual inspections across all production stages through a single platform.

Deploying AR to enhance remote visual inspections during support processes

Operational downtime has a significant impact on your production, and the associated costs of having a broken machine increase exponentially every hour it is out of service. So scheduling preventative maintenance can mitigate or even avoid any downtime, keeping your organization efficient and competitive. But companies, particularly those operating on an international or global scale, can find it hard to recruit enough qualified specialists to cover all their maintenance needs.

A solution that many companies are turning to is remote virtual inspections, which uses AR to enable experts to perform maintenance and safety inspections across various locations without the need to travel. On-site workers or engineers wearing smart glasses or using mobile devices can receive advice from one or more experts on a virtual inspection call, with real-time verbal instructions through audio and graphics and pointers in their field of vision. And of course, through AR-powered collaboration, remote expert engineers can also support on-site personnel to get machinery back into production when unexpected, time-critical stoppages occur.

Enable visual inspections with TeamViewer Frontline

Whether you are looking to enhance your quality controls or enable quicker, more effective collaboration during inspections and maintenance, TeamViewer Frontline is the logical choice. TeamViewer Frontline is an innovative platform that leverages the power of AR to transform the way everyone in production, support, and management performs their tasks. By using Frontline’s industrial AR solutions, you can digitalize and optimize your manual work processes, streamline your quality control, and enhance remote inspections and maintenance.

TeamViewer Frontline offers four AR-powered solutions


A solution supporting order picking, inventory control, or packing processes in warehouses. xPick optimizes workflows, increases efficiency, and reduces mistakes.


A solution enabling assembly workers to follow step-by-step instructions and visual cues. xMake streamlines assembly, production, or training processes, and ensures quality and accuracy.


A solution automating visual inspections or audits by capturing data, pictures, and information. xInspect automates documentation, improves compliance, reduces errors, and enables technicians to be trained on the job.


A solution allowing remote experts to connect to support on-site engineers via see-what-I-see video calls including AR tools. xAssist reduces travel costs and improves enables instant troubleshooting.

AR is already revolutionizing IT remote assistance for businesses of all sizes

AR is a powerful solution that is transforming the way IT support is delivered and received. It can improve end-user satisfaction, reduce costs, and optimize resource usage. We are all familiar with IT support though screen sharing technology — where the IT support technician connects to a user’s computer, tablet, or smartphone remotely. They can then take charge and fix any issues the user is having. It’s a secure, efficient, and cost-effective way of providing support.

Remote support works well until there is a problem that needs some physical intervention, for example with hardware or cabling. This is where AR comes into its own by providing remote visual inspection and support. With a simple video call on a smartphone or tablet, engineers can guide users through each step of a hardware setup or cable connection. And communication can be enhanced through 3D annotations, markers, and chat that appear on the user’s screen. Of course, the power of AR-enhanced video collaboration can be leveraged to solve network connections, configure routers or switches, and troubleshoot printer issues.

Deliver better IT support with Assist AR

As an add-on to the highly successful TeamViewer Remote suite, TeamViewer Assist AR is a proven “see-what-I-see” solution that helps IT engineers identify and solve problems remotely. By moving from on-device to real-world support with Assist AR, you can:

  • leverage AR-powered remote assistance, speeding up the support process
  • enhance contextual communication channels, improving accuracy, and reducing misunderstandings
  • improve first-time fix rates and streamline IT set-up, reducing the length of calls and eliminating inefficient other communication channels

Enterprise-grade augmented reality for inspection, support, and integration

TeamViewer Tensor is a cloud-based remote access, control, and management solution for corporates world-wide. It’s built for enterprise-grade scalability, productivity, and security. Corporate clients around the world are already benefiting from improved remote inspection and an enhanced, digitalized operation. And with the Assist AR add-on, it leverages the power of AR.

Solve problems faster

Act immediately with real-time fault analysis and inspection boosted by AR to increase productivity and ROI.

Reduce costs

Reduce travel costs by replacing on-site visits with remote access or expert help from service technicians across the globe.

Accelerate knowledge transfer

Onboard new-hire technicians faster by enabling senior experts to guide them remotely.

Minimize machine downtime

Leverage remote access or AR to remotely guide users through preventive maintenance processes.


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