12 apr 2022

TeamViewer enables real-time remote video sharing for industrial aerial drones by SB C&S

GOPPINGEN/TOKYO, April 12, 2022 – TeamViewer®, a global leading provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, today announced that its connectivity solution is integrated into the professional aerial drones provided by SB C&S. TeamViewer’s software enables the real-time sharing of aerial video and audio streams captured by the drones’ cameras to multiple remotely connected devices. Commercial use cases for this technology include for example joint infrastructure inspections, as well as joint aerial inspection of disaster sites or other locations that are difficult to access.

Via TeamViewer’s solution, images or videos captured by the drone-carried camera can be seamlessly streamed to multiple remotely connected devices through a 4G or LTE mobile network. Also, the images from devices such as infrared cameras for temperature measurements or LiDARs could be transmitted and streamed through the solution.

Katsumi Moriya, Vice President, Deputy Head of ICT Unit, Head of Cloud Service Promotion Division, Cloud Service Unit at SB C&S, said: “In recent years, there has been an increasing need to remotely check real-time video footage of aerial photography using drones and to give instructions directly to the operator. We are pleased that we can now offer this effective utilization of our drones together with TeamViewer. We will continue solving customer issues together with TeamViewer in response to the rapidly increasing need for aerial drones in different kinds of scenarios.”

“The real-time aerial imagery transmissions enable people located in different parts of the world to efficiently work together on exploring remote locations”, said Sojung Lee, President APAC at TeamViewer. “Although our solution is perfectly working with 4G and LTE networks, the worldwide introduction of 5G networks will enable various additional use cases, with even higher image resolutions and larger amounts of data to be transmitted and shared in real-time. We are happy to work with our strong partner SB C&S to address challenges and explore use cases of various customers from industry as well as public authorities.”