TecnoGen, an Italian world leader in the production of generators, has improved its remote assistance service thanks to the innovative QRA (Quick Remote Assistance) technical support kit based on TeamViewer Frontline xAssist. Using TeamViewer, TecnoGen can guarantee assistance to customer technicians even in the most remote and difficult to reach areas.


Traditional phone support was no longer sufficient to meet the needs of customers who required specialized assistance from TecnoGen. The company’s goal is to offer an innovative service to transfer the skills of TecnoGen engineers to customer technicians. Thanks to using Smart Glasses, TecnoGen can provide guided support in real time and to do on-the-job training remotely.

  • Speed up service response times as the less machine downtime causes greater customer satisfaction
  • Improve after-sales services
  • Guarantee technical support to colleagues and international customers by reducing language misunderstandings and enhancing visual support
  • Reduction of travel, reducing costs and improving the environmental impact of TecnoGen


The malfunction of a generator or the shutdown of a plant can cause production downtimes, which are reflected in high costs. In case of an outage, service operations are therefore particularly time critical.

This is where the TeamViewer Frontline xAssist solution comes into play with its interactive features, including AR capabilities. Thanks to the TeamViewer software, TecnoGen was able to create a kit solution called QRA: Quick Remote Assistance which allows the experts at the TecnoGen Service Center to communicate with the technicians at the customer’s premises via the TeamViewer app and smart devices.

Renato Bruno CEO at BGG Group, Holding of TecnoGen

“TeamViewer has supported us in developing our QRA (Quick Remote Assistance) offering – a unique solution that allows us to guarantee assistance by skilled technicians, regardless of where they are.”