Destaque do recurso Acesso à área de trabalho remota 4K

Acesso à área de trabalho remota 4K sem falha com suporte a diversos monitores

With our industry-leading intelligent scaling technology, TeamViewer™ provides flawless connections to UHD display for both remote control and remote meeting sessions.

Using multiple monitors on your main desktop and want to access both screens? We have you covered. TeamViewer allows seamless support for multi-monitor setups with the ability to show multiple displays side by side or switch between displays with a simple click or shortcut key.

Detalhes dos recursos e produtos suportados

Acesso a desktop de ultra alta definição com suporte a vários monitores

Allows you to connect to the desktop of a remote computer with ultra-high resolution, with automatic resolution scaling to fit within the display of the accessing computer. If the remote computer is configured and connected to multiple UHD displays, you have the option to view both monitors side by side on the accessing computer’s display.

Share an ultra high-resolution desktop display on a TeamViewer or Blizz remote conferencing session. If you or any other presenter in the session has multiple monitors configured on their computer, they can switch the display between the monitors to share the monitor of their choice.

Suporte Multi-Monitor para Mac

With enhancements made in TeamViewer 13, you can now work faster on a remote Mac device. No need to change any workflows when accessing remote Windows or Mac devices with multiple monitors.

Access and switch between multiple monitors on a remote Mac device during a remote control session.

**4K Remote Desktop Access is available with every TeamViewer license because we understand that the quality of your connection is important.

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