The automotive industry is undergoing fundamental change – digitalisation, sustainability and electric mobility are the guiding principles of the future.


The car manufacturer Audi is at the forefront when it comes to new technologies for use in quality assurance. The company focuses on new developments to meet tasks and requirements with a sustainable approach. In a joint project with TeamViewer (formerly VISCOPIC), Audi shows how valuable the use of Augmented Reality is in the automotive industry and which advantages it brings with it.


Thanks to the Frontline Spatial Editor, AR inspection plans can be created completely without programming knowledge. Contents can be positioned and edited by simply placing pins on the virtual 3D vehicle. The test plan, which is visualized on the real vehicle via Microsoft HoloLens, can be created with just a few clicks and by drag and drop.

This implementation by the Pins Editor is the key for a flexible use of the technology, which can be used regardless of the application, business area or location.

Peter Mück Head of Quality Assurance, Audi AG

“Our goal is to simplify complexity with digital tools. Mixed Reality supports an interactive learning process without impairing the human senses. This facilitates the understanding of complex work processes and shows how digitalisation can support us.”