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Would you like to get the maximum benefit out of your TeamViewer Software? Receive training from company insiders with extensive knowledge and years of practical experience!

With our in-person training sessions, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with TeamViewer and gain insights into specific features of interest to you.

Our training courses are not just theoretical. In addition to smart learning material, you will get to know TeamViewer through hands-on experience, and you and your team will have a great opportunity to ask questions of the pros. Take your business to the next level!

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In-person trainings

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Hands-on experience

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Training by real support professionals

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Training Focused on Remote Control Remote Support · Remote Access · Working from Home
Course: Remote Support – Helping People
Learn about how supporters use TeamViewer professionally. Familiarize yourself with TeamViewer basics as well as the functionality necessary to support remote users. In addition to a comprehensive presentation of the rich features within TeamViewer, you will have ample opportunity to try them out for yourself and receive any assistance you might need.
Course: Remote Access – Connecting to Devices
Learn about the ways remote access can improve your daily work. If you work with customers, colleagues, or partners on a global scale, or if you want to monitor and maintain devices from a centralized location, achieve your goals using TeamViewer's powerful features.
Course: Working from Home
Make your home your office. Learn how to access your office computer and work as if you were sitting in front of it. Let your personal computer become a seamless extension of your office PC. Use the same applications and print documents right to that little printer next to you on your desk. Use your computer to connect to clients, partners, and business associates via chat, VoIP, and video. Experience the changing nature of the workplace and learn how to effectively work anywhere at any time.
Lessons in the Management Console Management Console for Supporters · Management Console for Remote Access
Course: The Management Console for Supporters.
The Management Console is the heart of TeamViewer for everyone providing remote support.

Next to basic functionalities, we focus on how TeamViewer can make your life easier by providing the exact functionality for your specific scenario. You learn about customized modules, the Service Queue, user management, and connection reporting – just to name a few.
Course: The Management Console for Remote Access.
Learn how to set up permanent access and remotely control, monitor, and maintain devices all from one place – the Management Console. Whether you want to establish unattended access to computers, monitor remote equipment, or use TeamViewer as an IT management platform, we show you how to do it the easy way.
Hands on with AddOns Mobile Connections on the Go · Remotely Support Mobile Devices

Book one of these Add-ons in addition to one of our main courses

AddOn: Mobile Connections on the Go
Do you want to provide support right from your mobile device? Do you want to connect to your computer from your mobile device from literally anywhere? If so, then this Add-on is perfect for you.
AddOn: Remotely Support Mobile Devices
If you want to provide technical support for mobile devices or even support your own mobile app within the app itself, then this Add-on will fit your needs perfectly.

Professional Services

for the optimal integration of TeamViewer into your organization

Professional Services are for customers who want everything from a single source. Our staff will support you on site to optimally integrate TeamViewer into your IT infrastructure and benefit you in the greatest possible way. Regardless of the size of your organization or the sector in which you work, we help you to understand and adopt best practices so you can make the most out of TeamViewer.

Our portfolio consists of:

  • analyzing conditions and individual requirements on site
  • developing the best strategy for using TeamViewer based on your specific requirements
  • configuring TeamViewer
  • and much more

Do you have particularly complex requirements or needs? Contact us and we will find the ideal solution.

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