The Global Search, Group Search, and Device Group Search features are powerful search functionalities that allow you to find devices and contacts efficiently.

This article applies to all TeamViewer Remote users.

Global Search

The Global Search bar enables you to search for contacts, device namesdevice IDs, or device group names as search queries.

It also allows you to perform quick actions (if you want to do something else than connecting to a device) such as:

/shareid - View and share your classic TeamViewer ID.

/connect - Connect to device, contact, or ID.

/sendmessage - Send a message to one of your contacts.

/createsession - Create and share a new support session.

When searching using Global Search, there will be different outcomes depending on the type of input provided. If you enter a device alias and confirm your search with Enter, it will open the detailed information of the device associated with that alias. This allows you to access specific details and configurations related to the device.

In the case of entering a device ID and confirming the search with Enter, the Global Search function establishes a connection to the specified device.

Additionally, if you enter a group name and confirm with Enter, the Global Search bar will open the corresponding group, displaying a list of devices associated with that group.

Group Search

Group Search is a feature designed to facilitate the search for group names. This search function is particularly useful when you need to find a specific group.

Device Group Search

Device Group Search is a specialized search functionality that specifically targets the list of devices within a particular group. This feature is particularly useful when you want to search for devices that belong to a specific group you are working with.

With the Device Group Search, you can enter any term, such as a device name or ID, to search for specific devices within the group. The search results will display devices that match the search criteria, allowing you to locate the desired devices within the group quickly.

In addition to searching for devices by name or ID, the Device Group Search provides additional filtering options on the right-hand side of the search interface. These filters allow you to refine further the search results based on specific criteria, such as device status, device type, or other relevant parameters. By leveraging these filters, you can narrow down your search and find the exact devices you need within the group.