Zaměření funkce Flexibilní možnosti sdílení souborů

Flexibilní možnosti sdílení souborů

Need to transfer sensitive data at high speed? Rest easy knowing end-to-end encryption is on your side. With TeamViewer™, you know that your IT workflow will run smoothly, whether you’re working with servers, providing tech support, or installing a program to a remote device.

Now you can avoid the prep work that’s often involved with remote desktop work. You no longer have to access other laborious methods of file transfer to get the job done. Our remote desktop solution ensures you have everything you need, anytime.

Podrobnosti o funkci & Podporované produkty

Shared Clipboard for Easy Information Transfer

Copy files, images, and text from one computer to the clipboard and paste to another machine.

Integrate to File Sharing Tools

Integrate TeamViewer with Box, Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, and Dropbox for easy access to file sharing options.

Rapid File Transfer, Now 20x Faster

Multiple file transfer methods and speeds up to 200 MB/s ensure you can work the way you want without wasting time. Drag and drop files to directly transfer from one computer to another or link to files or cloud storage to provide temporary access. You can even transfer a video file 8GB or a 3KB spreadsheet with the same end-to-end encryption and speed.

Enhancements That Improve Your Workflow

In TeamViewer 13, we’ve added even more options when transferring files. In addition to being able to queue multiple files for transfer, you can also drag and drop files to reorder them within the queue, quickly access recent folders and files, and view the progress of transfers within an overhauled UI.

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