In this article, you will learn about the key features of TeamViewer Assist AR.

Ask your support requester to install the free TeamViewer Assist AR app from the App Store/Google Play.

This article applies to all TeamViewer Assist AR users.

Built on industry standards in AR

TeamViewer Assist AR is built on top of two frameworks: Apple ARKit and Google ARCore. This technology allows precise object tracking such as surfaces, objects, and their relational distance from the camera.


Speak clearly to the on-site technician or client, giving them detailed instructions on how to fix the issue. Both connection partners can talk to each other over VoIP.

Hint: For better audio quality, especially in a noisy environment, we recommend using a headset.

Join calls via TeamViewer ID

A person needing support can easily invite a supporter to a TeamViewer Assist AR call:

  1. Install the TeamViewer Assist AR App on your mobile device:
    1. Google Play
    2. App Store
  2. Start the app on your mobile device
  3. The app will ask you for permission to use your microphone and camera as well as to send you notifications. Please accept the request.
  4. Tap Share ID and send the session link via your favourite communication tool: telephone, SMS (messaging), WhatsApp, email, etc.

Real-time video stream

As soon as the person requesting assistance accepts the call from the remote supporter, the smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses camera image is transmitted in real-time to the supporter in front of a Windows or Mac computer.

Contextual markers & annotations

Help on-site employees or customers fix issues by highlighting and drawing on points of interest in their context.

The one receiving support as well as the supporter can e.g. place 3D arrows. To distinguish who placed the arrows, they have different colors.

  • Supporter side: By left-clicking on the mouse you can place 3D arrows that stick to real objects. 
  • Receiving side: By tapping on the mobile screen you can place 3D arrows that stick to real objects.

To make sure you are talking about the same issue every arrow includes a number.

Both connection partners can undo placing their last arrow or remove all markers placed within the call.

Freeze image

Pause the live video stream to get a clear still image for a detailed technical discussion.

To pause the video stream click the 'pause' icon at the bottom of your screen.

Send and receive files

Send a file to your remote user securely through Assist AR with just the click of a button.

The supporter can send files to the mobile device by clicking on the respective icon from within the menu in the lower right corner of the connection window.

After clicking on this icon, the TeamViewer file transfer window pops up and the supporter can choose the file to be sent to the mobile device or from the mobile device to the supporter. 

Depending on the direction of the file transfer, the supporter or the receiving side gets a notification (mobile device), or the explorer pops up to save the file (supporter side).

Take screenshots

The supporter can make screenshots from within the menu in the lower right corner of the connection window. To do so, please click the 'screenshot' icon at the bottom of your screen.

After clicking on the camera icon, the explorer opens and you can choose a path to save the screenshot


By clicking on the 'flashlight' icon the supporter can activate and deactivate the flashlight from the technician's device (mobile & smartglass).

Real-time information sharing

To make sure information shared via screenshare is perceivable on e.g. smartglass displays users can make use of real-time information sharing. This feature enables users to share to the aspect ratio of their partner’s smartphone, tablet or smartglass in real-time. To share more content simply drag the corners of the frame to adjust how much content is being shared.

Session Recording

Record Assist AR sessions from the supporter's side and create video files ready for use on any computer, instantly.

  • Via Files & Extras, click Start recording
  • The receiving side will be informed by a dialogue that the supporter wants to record the session. The recording starts only after the request has been accepted by the user on the mobile device.
  • The Screen Recording button turns red as an indicator that the session is currently being recorded
  • To stop the recording, click Files & Extras and Stop and save. The explorer opens and the supporter can choose a path to save the recording in the .webm format. This format can be opened with most regular web players e.g. with a VLC player. 
  • If you do not select a path to save the file, a dialogue appears asking the supporter whether they want to discard the recorded session file. Clicking on Discard will discard the file, clicking on Cancel will open up the explorer again to choose a path to save the file.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition allows the recognition of printed characters like those often found on machines, tools, and equipment. Once recognized, those characters can be directly sent to the remote supporter.

Create Tutorials

The person using the smartphone/tablet app can create video tutorials, without establishing a remote connection.

After recording the video, including AR markers and voiceover if desired, it is possible to save or directly share the video with someone else.

SMS and e-mail session invite

You can share your ID easily via SMS or Email directly from within the TeamViewer Assist AR app.

By clicking Share ID, you´ll get the option to send out an invitation to connect to your device via SMS, E-mail, or other communication tools.

Supporting major smartglasses

TeamViewer Assist AR supports smart glasses and wearable headsets from EpsonRealWear, Vuzix and Microsoft.

Additional features

In addition to the mentioned features above, Assist AR offers:

  • Unlimited sessions
  • 256 bit AES End-to-End Encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Service Case
  • Device management
  • User Management

Pro features for Assist AR Professional:

For more advanced use cases and additional functionality, we recommend Assist AR Professional.

Connection protocol

More info here: Connection protocol

Connection Reporting, Call history

More info here: Connection reports

Connection Billing

More info here: Creating Charge Rates

Mobile SDK

More info about the SDK here: TeamViewer Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

Note: The Assist AR SDK is sold separately. Please contact your account manager.

Software integration: Salesforce, ServiceNow, MS Teams

More information here: TeamViewer integration for Microsoft Teams

Make sure to reach out to the Service teams to get more information about this feature.

Web API (general application programming interface)

More info on the website:

API documentation:

Ability to include customer terms & conditions

More info here: Create Assist AR custom module

The custom terms & conditions can be added to the Custom QuickSupport module.

Conditional Access Router

More information about Conditional Access here: Conditional Access

Make sure to reach out to the Service teams to get more information about this feature.