This article assumes that you have a compatible EMF or PostScript language printer and the remote printing driver installed on both machines

If you have not already done so or would like more information on those requirements, please have a look at the Knowledge Base article about "Remote printing with TeamViewer".

This article will give you some advanced guidance for getting your remote printing job up and running when nothing else has worked.

How to troubleshoot?

1. After activating remote printing, verify the printer that you want to use is selected as the default for the TeamViewer printing.

2. After the device is set as the default, please check and see if there are lingering print jobs in the queue, if so please clear the print queue. This can be done from the right click action as seen above or in the popup under the printer tab.

3. Next, please restart the print spooler on both sides of the connection so that the spooler and the driver are working correctly.

4. Once this has been done please try to print again with the default TeamViewer printer and see if the item prints.

While preforming testing of the premote printing it may be useful to open the see what’s printing on both machines to see if the document sends completely before coming to the local printer.

5. Also since this is a file transfer, it may be useful to set the printer to start printing after the last page is spooled to make sure the printer does not run out of data while the file is being transferred. This is available in the advanced tab of the printer properties, this setting needs to be checked on both sides of the connection.