TeamViewer Frontline & SAP Service and Asset Manager

Transform your enterprise asset management with augmented reality

In asset-intensive industries, regular maintenance of enterprise assets is crucial for smooth and efficient operations. Increasingly complex hardware and elaborate maintenance tasks, field technicians working in remote settings and lack of expert knowledge leads to more errors in the field and longer downtimes.

SAP Service and Asset Manager helps organizations address many of these challenges by providing access to context-rich visualizations that enable simple and timely execution of end-to-end enterprise asset management.

The TeamViewer Frontline xAssist and xInspect integrations further enhance this value by connecting field technicians to step-by-step guidance for inspection and maintenance procedures and real-time access to remote experts to troubleshoot issues right as they work with AR-based workflows and video calls.

With the TeamViewer Frontline integration, organizations can extend the capabilities of SAP Service and Asset Manager enabling them to:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Optimize maintenance processes
  • Boost workforce productivity
  • Improve knowledge transfer and training
  • Improve first-time fix-rates

The benefits speak for themselves

  • Reduce operational costs by avoiding costly repeat visits and rework for maintenance and repair tasks.
  • Support field technicians by enabling execution of complex maintenance tasks via AR-assisted inspection workflows with greater accuracy.
  • Optimize maintenance processes through maximizing machine uptime and reducing inspection time by up to 40%.
  • Boost workforce productivity and extend the reach and efficiency of skilled experts in the field while counteracting workforce shortages.
  • Improve knowledge transfer and training by enabling easy remote knowledge transfer to quickly onboard and train workers onsite.
  • Increase transparency by synchronizing call and inspection records automatically with the SAP Back End system for auditing, compliance and training purposes.

SAP Field Service and Asset Manager integration highlights

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