TeamViewer Integration Partner: Salesforce

The world’s #1 CRM platform makes it easy to connect with your prospects and customers. And a TeamViewer/Salesforce integration makes it easy to create and join remote support sessions right from your Salesforce Sales Cloud™ and Salesforce Service Cloud™.

  • Share session information via Chatter or email, using templates for different screen and communication types
  • Gain insights with individual case and company-wide reports, including advanced search and filtering features
  • Enjoy the flexibility of supporter notifications, so agents can work on multiple remote control cases at once
  • Gain unattended access to managed devices
  • More intuitive user interaction with Lightning Mode

Optimise Customer Relations with TeamViewer Salesforce Integration

Companies and organisations are increasingly placing their customers or clients at the centre of their activity and decision-making. That means that customer relations are more important than ever, and providing seamless customer support is a must if organisations are going to remain competitive. With the TeamViewer app for Salesforce integration, companies can better build and maintain these essential relationships with their customers, wherever they may be.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to make it easy for organisations and companies to focus on their customers. This means building relationships between employees and customers, and helping them quickly and effectively. When combined with TeamViewer, the leading remote connection solution, providing excellent customer support becomes even easier.

What advantages are there to using TeamViewer with Salesforce?

By integrating TeamViewer with Salesforce, remote connection with customers or clients is made simple. TeamViewer allows organisations to remotely connect to any device, anywhere in the world, making troubleshooting and finding solutions for customers a breeze. Incorporating remote control into your customer service greatly improves the customer-company relationship.

TeamViewer is optimised for the Lighting Experience and compatible with PE, EE, UE, DE, PP and ES Salesforce Editions. Plus, the objects, tabs and apps that come with the TeamViewer package don’t count toward org limits on Salesforce.

Which features are included in the TeamViewer app for Salesforce?

Companies can take advantage of the following innovative TeamViewer features for Salesforce integration:

  • Connect with your customers instantly: The TeamViewer app makes it easy to create and join a remote support session from within the Salesforce platform. Do so from a Salesforce Case, Contact, Account, Lead or Opportunity and simply invite your customer with a link via Chatter or email. No further installation necessary.
  • Set email templates: It’s easy to customise email templates depending on the screen and communication type.
  • Advanced reporting: Connection reports detailing individual sessions as well as company-wide activity can be filtered and include an advanced-search feature.
  • Notifications: Notifications make it easy to manage multiple sessions simultaneously, increasing efficiency.
  • Automate with scripts: It’s easy to automate repetitive and recurring processes using scripts. Make them easily accessible during each session by simply uploading them.
  • Lightning Mode app: This intuitive Lightning Mode app design makes it even easier to use TeamViewer on Salesforce.
  • Support: TeamViewer’s reliable support team is there to help you with any problems you have using the app.

What are the requirements for TeamViewer and Salesforce integration?

To optimise your customer relations using Salesforce, you’ll need the TeamViewer App for Salesforce Cloud as well as a TeamViewer Plan. TeamViewer has plenty of options depending on the size and needs of your company or organisation. And as your organisation grows, TeamViewer can grow with it.

How do I install the TeamViewer App for Salesforce?

Installing TeamViewer on Salesforce is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Chatter feature on Salesforce: Setup > Chatter > Chatter Settings.
  2. Locate the TeamViewer App on the Salesforce App Exchange.
  3. Click the “Get It Now” button on the Salesforce App Exchange.
  4. Most users will select “Install in production” as the Salesforce Org to install into. Login with your Salesforce credentials.
  5. Select “Install for all users” and click “Install.”
  6. Grant access to third-party websites. This allows TeamViewer to contact its servers to set up remote connections. No data other than what is required for setting up remote connections will be sent to the TeamViewer servers. TeamViewer abides by strict security standards. Read more about how TeamViewer protects its users’ data and privacy here.
  7. You should then receive a message confirming that installation was successful.

There’s plenty you can do with the TeamViewer app for Salesforce integration. Learn more about its configuration options, and how to create and start remote sessions here.

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