Multimodal AR-assisted ENT surgery

The MultiARC project develops innovative aids such as light sources and measuring instruments for ENT surgery.

Initial Situation

Surgical interventions are often risky. To minimize the risks, it is important that the surgeon has as much as information as possible about the procedure he has to conduct. The smaller the intervention area is, the more important are assistance systems the doctor can rely on. In micro surgery, currently available systems do not provide enough support.


In micro surgery, tools for optical magnification are already in use. Surgical decisions are made with the aid of analogue optical signals using 3D imaging for diagnostics, interventions and therapies. Unfortunately, this procedure is not resistant to problems like blurred photo material or low quality when the material is enlarged.

Goals and benefits

The project MultiARC has the aim to provide innovative tools for ENT surgery. This includes an unprecedented source of light to differentiate tissues and a measurement instrument for the integration into a microscope. The collected data are combined with clinical photo material and supplied to the surgeon via AR. Thereby, he can work with the information while conducting surgery. Furthermore, a tool for collaboration with other experts is developed within the project. These innovations have the goal to reduce the time and complexity factor of microsurgical procedures.

TeamViewer’s role

In the context of MultiARC, TeamViewer deals with the visualization and interaction of AR models for microsurgical interventions. To achieve this, different data sources are integrated to display a consistent interface. Information like therapy details and vital parameters are situated precisely in the surgeon’s field of view with the aid of an HMD. The focus is on the size determination and positioning of tympanic prostheses. Another goal includes a telepresence system, enabling the consultation of remote experts. The experts see the same picture as the surgeon and can support him during the procedure.

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