xMake – In-house product development started as a research project

Step-by-Step guides in vision of the workers can ensure high qualtiy of the product.

Initial Situation

Work processes in manufacturing and assembly can be challenging and need instructions. To carry out each work step professionally, in particular new employees require more time to complete a production process. Mistakes can happen during assembly. To guarantee a high quality these mistakes need to be reworked. Instructions, order lists must be checked and verified by hand.

The manufacturing and assembly process should be digitized to get simplified workflows and to implement quality control.


Manufacturing and assembly processes have a high variety of work steps, which are based on each other. Here it is necessary to work accurately. Especially implementing new work steps as well as training of new employees are intensive and more protracted processes. The processes are mostly rigid, and controlling is a different work package.

For a satisfying workflow are a lot of steps necessary.

Goals and benefits

Through a fitting workflow the work can be simplified and accelerated. The employees receive the individual work steps projected into their field of vision with augmented reality technology on the data glasses used. This enables exact work to be carried out. A direct feedback option allows to take pictures of the object with smart glasses.
With a platform-based Editor its possible to make a new workflow and troubleshoot with videocall.

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