Motion detection in the aircraft sector

Goal of the project is the development of a prototypical support system for aircraft assembly

Initial Situation

Motion detection plays an important role in everyday life and industrial contexts to gather comprehensive statistics. For service and maintenance processes a complete technology has not been developed yet.


Many industrial processes are under high pressure of being fully optimized. This includes flexible production, assembly and inspection in future factory environments. Therefore, a high worker mobility is necessary.

In contrast to current sensory motion capture and analysis systems, movement sequences in service and maintenance are often more complex and have a longer execution time. An effective worker support system must allow for real time data collection in this context.

Goals and benefits

The goal of xMove is a complete mobile and adaptive worker guidance, consisting of a support system to improve the flexibility and industrial safety in aircraft service and maintenance processes. The prototype functions with smart glasses and body worn movement sensors. The sensors can also be integrated into the workwear. All data is processed by a mobile system. The smart glasses project relevant information into the field of view of the worker, while the sensors analyze movement data and enable preventive posture evaluation. The project is limited to aircraft assembly but is designed to be transferrable to other service and maintenance processes.

TeamViewer’s role

TeamViewer pursues a variety of goals within the project. One point is to improve the ergonomic situation of the worker. In this context, all collected data is analyzed. When a false posture is detected, a warning is displayed to the worker via smart glasses. Furthermore, the company deals with the digital supply of important information. The information should be provided to the user in a way he can work intuitively with them.

  • Project end: 2018

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