The Trimble TMX 2050 display, an industry-leading Android-based device used for precision agriculture, provides its users with significant performance improvements compared to traditional methods. Trimble wanted to help their users overcome challenges presented by working in remote locations.


  • Reducing the time required to deliver technical support
  • Enabling users to connect to key devices from wherever they are
  • Improving efficiency gains of using Trimble


Trimble partnered with TeamViewer to enable users to connect immediately to a technician to receive real-time technical support without the need for lengthy travel.

With TeamViewer, Trimble users can also remote in to their other Trimble connected devices from wherever they are on the farm, to access the information they need to make smart decisions on what tasks need to be worked on.

Tim Clarke Owner, Tranquility Agriculture Inc.

“From a technological side of things, it’s all starting to come together for really big efficiency gains.”

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