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TeamViewer Security Bulletins
Bulletin ID Date Published Assigned CVE Title CVSS 3.0 Priority Affected Products Last Update
TV-2021-1001 2021-10-19 Welcome to the TeamViewer Security Bulletins Low
  • None
TV-2023-1003 2023-10-20 Libwebp vulnerabilities CVE-2023-4863 and CVE-2023-41064 Important
  • TeamViewer Frontline
TV-2023-1002 2023-10-11 Hotfix for curl and libcurl vulnerability Important
  • TeamViewer Remote
  • TeamViewer Tensor
  • TeamViewer Frontline
  • TeamViewer Remote Management
TV-2023-1001 2023-06-14 CVE-2023-0837 Incomplete protection of local device settings 6.6 (medium) Moderate
  • TeamViewer Remote for Windows
  • TeamViewer Remote for macOS
TV-2022-1002 2022-03-22 Updates for OpenSSL vulnerability Moderate
  • TeamViewer Windows Host IoT
  • TeamViewer IoT Agent for Linux
  • TeamViewer for Linux
  • TeamViewer Android Apps
TV-2022-1001 2022-03-22 CVE-2022-23242 TeamViewer Linux – Deletion command not properly executed after process crash 6.3 (medium) Moderate
  • TeamViewer for Linux
TV-2021-1002 2021-12-13 Server-side hotfix for log4J issue Low
  • TeamViewer IoT
  • TeamViewer Engage
  • TeamViewer Frontline
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Eric Taylor

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