29 avr. 2020

TeamViewer Integrates with IBM Maximo

Goppingen, April 29, 2020– TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, announced their integration with IBM’s Maximo leading Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions. This integration allows organizations to remotely support and maintain their managed Internet of Things (IoT) digital assets from anywhere without the need of onsite maintenance resources. Thereby, improving asset availability significantly and reducing costs through a centralized management.

Due to the worldwide distribution of manufacturing, all types of organizations with large investments in physical and digital assets are struggling to maintain operational efficiencies. Digital transformation and IoT devices aim to give more insight and control to all types of businesses but tracking sensor data or other information and controlling disparate operations is a major challenge. TeamViewer can provide that monitoring and digital access from anywhere in the world, increasing efficiencies, improving regulatory oversight and meeting safety requirements.

TeamViewer seamlessly integrates with IBM Maximo, enabling clients to monitor and visualize sensor data in real-time and act on the information when necessary. Meaning, they can connect and remotely troubleshoot Maximo managed endpoint devices. The TeamViewer remote connectivity integrated functions enable remote control of both IoT endpoints and digital IT assets. IT administrators can fix issues in real-time as if they were physically in front of the devices and even connect to the remote terminal for full access on command line level.

Benefits include:

  • Increase workforce effectiveness focused on remote maintenance and support
  • Improve production and uptime by resolving technical challenges more quickly
  • Save maintenance cost by handling maintenance seamlessly and remotely
  • Customizable integration based on individual customer needs
  • Operational efficiency for assets located worldwide

“IoT devices are providing increasing business value across multiple verticals, industries and relevant use cases,” says Alfredo Patron, executive vice president of business development at TeamViewer. “As more devices come online, managing and supporting these IoT devices is becoming a major challenge. Combining the strength of the IBM Maximo EAM and performance management solutions with TeamViewer IoT solution will save organizations uptime and money, while allowing them to focus on growing their core business.”

IBM Maximo is a market-leading and fully integrated platform that uses advanced analytic tools and IoT data to improve operational availability and reduce risk. Now, operational and technology leaders have the tools to operate high-value physical assets with visibility and control across the enterprise to optimize performance, extend asset life cycles, and reduce operational downtime and costs.

To leverage this integration, organizations must have an IBM Maximo and a compatible TeamViewer plan. For more information, go to www.teamviewer.com/en/integrations/ibm-maximo/ .