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Mastering Digital Transformation in Logistics with Augmented Reality

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Important trends include the maturation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) beyond consumer-facing applications (like e.g., chatbots) into more specialized enterprise implementations, the utilization of data captured through augmented reality devices, and the integration of mixed reality technologies for usage in enhanced logistics operations.

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First and foremost, digitalization has had a profound impact on logistics by revolutionizing data management. It has replaced paper-based processes with advanced warehouse management systems, resulting in improved efficiency, data accuracy, and better visibility into operations.

Mixed reality technologies offer features like gaze tracking and spatial tracking, providing powerful elements for logistics applications. Leveraging data with augmented reality devices allows for improved picking, error reduction, and the achievement of other operational goals.

Vision picking aligns perfectly with the trend to access and manage data digitally, as it ensures data is displayed in real-time in a user-friendly manner, it can be seamlessly integrated into backend systems for comprehensive visibility, and it eliminates the need for scanners and paper-based processes. With TeamViewer Frontline, Samsung SDS can streamline operations, improve data accuracy, and enable in-depth analysis and identification of areas for improvement.

XR technology can be applied to various logistics operations, including put-away, inbound receiving, and packing processes. It not only provides step-by-step guidance in logistics processes but also enables solutions like multiple order picking, facilitates real-time problem-solving through remote assistance, and is valuable in hazardous environments and for in-depth workforce training.

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XR technology can be utilized for step-by-step guidance in various industries, remote assistance in hazardous environments, and comprehensive workforce training. It offers versatile applications beyond logistics, catering to different operational needs.

Collaborating with XR technology, providers like TeamViewer allow businesses to explore and implement XR solutions in different areas of their operations. By working together, TeamViewer can identify specific use cases, develop step-by-step strategies, and gradually expand XR applications to maximize benefits.

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Interested in how TeamViewer Frontline can help your company?

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